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July 29, 2008 at 11:11, 11:12, 11:13 and 11:14 a.m. Anthony Joseph, Michael Huston, Jaileigh Addison and Jakob Thomas were born.

Birth Pictures and here was their First Year Birthday Party Part I and Part II. Now for their Second Birthday   Here is a 2nd Link and a 3rd Link.

It has been bittersweet to look back at these photos. I can't believe they grow so fast. They seem to be all caught up in size now. They were so tiny at birth I was sure they would be tiny for life. Each day in our life is a miracle. Every day I tell myself that and remember what we have been through. People told me that the twos would be terrible and the three's worse. There has been nothing comparable to that first year. The first year was so hard! I know the only way we survived it was through prayer.

This birthday was so busy and so fun. We were running from sun-up to sun-down.

The Birthday Babies ready to open their presents.
Jakob, Anthony, Jaileigh, and Michael

Jake and Anthony

Jaileigh with bed head, Michael

Jaileigh excited.

Annie work up and the kids had already started unwrapping. Thank goodness she had a few gifts just for her too.

Jaileigh excited to play her new flute/recorder

Anthony trying to get the animals open.

Daddy helping Michael with his animals. Eventually Michael took over ALL the animals. He doesn't think he needs to share.

Jaileigh got a new baby doll.

Jaileigh and her baby. She hasn't named it yet so I guess it's just "Baby" for now.

Annie LOVES babies and I think she actually likes it more than Jaileigh does.

Next we made pancakes. Each baby got to pick out their own color for their pancake.
Anthony and Jake wanted green, Jaileigh and Annie pink, and Michael blue.

Helping mix. They love to help me cook.

Happy Birthday!
Michael, Jaileigh, Anthony and Jakob

Jaileigh blowing out her candles.

Even Annie got a candle.

Anthony so excited.


Michael with his zebra.

After breakfast we hurried and finished getting dressed because our teachers were coming. Our teachers Miss Laura and Miss Susan work with ECI (Early Childhood Intervention). Today was their last day because the quads are now 3. We have had quite the journey with ECI. When we came home from the hospital at 2 months we started with Miss Sharon. At 18 months we were dropped from it, then they picked up Anthony and Michael and this is when we started going to school at Casa Colina. I think our support provider felt sorry for me because I was pregnant with Annie at the time and needed an outlet. Our teachers were Miss Enid and Miss Sandra. When they were 28 months we moved and they were dropped again. At 30 months they decided to pick us up again for the last 6 months. Thank goodness because I love the extra support and my kids love "school"! Our final teachers were Miss Laura and Miss Susan. Each of these 5 ladies have touched my heart and have influenced my babies. They are such special people and I will be forever grateful to all of them.

Miss Susan brought over boxes of toys for the kids to have. It was the best birthday!
Playing with the new doll house.
Jakob, Laura (blue), Anthony, Jaileigh, Michael, and Miss Susan

Miss Susan, Michael and Jaileigh

Annie playing with Jaileigh's baby. The doll weighs 4 lbs so Annie has to work hard to hold her.

Miss Laura brought everyone goodbye gifts, even Annie.

Farewell photo, *sniff*.
Anthony, Jaileigh, Annie, Jakob, Michael
Susan and Laura

After school was over the mailman delivered a box from Grandma Kolleen. The kids ran to the couch and opened it up as fast as they could. They were so excited the mailman came to our house. He is a hero in their eyes.

Then . . . .

Grandma, Grandpa Pops and Rori showed up! The day just keeps getting better! They got to open basket loads of gifts! When Daddy came home from work he set up their new water slide.

Jake, Jaileigh and Anthony

Jaileigh running up the slide.

and Jake crashing into her.

Annie jumped in to play too.

Jake going down backwards.

Walking up it again.
Jake and Jaileigh


She loves it!

Michael didn't even want to go on the slide because he had a pretty good spot to sit on.
Grandpa Pops and Michael


Down he goes.

We couldn't get Jake off of it. He was the last man standing.

Anthony with his new towel from Grandma

Grams with her lap full.
Annie and Jaileigh

Grandma and Jaileigh

Michael did eventually get in.


Jake going even faster.

The kid is fearless!


Annie climbed in this box and it tipped over so this is her disgusted look.


New bench from Gram and Pops.
Jaileigh, Annie, Anthony and Jake

Annie playing in the hose.

Grandpa Pops and Annie

What a wonderful birthday spent with the most wonderful people! Thank you everyone for making it so special. My family traveled  a long journey to come visit, thank you!!!!!


Hilary said...

Great pictures!! Happy Birthday :)

Hilary said...

Great pictures!! Happy Birthday :)