Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Brother

I was thinking that most of you out in blogger world have never met my brother so I decided to do a post on him. Of course you already know that he is going to be this amazing, amazing person because that is just how lucky I am. I have amazing parents, and amazing sister and now I am introducing you to my amazing brother.

My brother is one of those HUGE people. He is huge physically and spiritually and mentally. He towers over most people and when he was at his peak athletically he was ginormous! Despite his huge size every kid, big and small, LOVE him. He has this touch with children. He gives them his goofy smile and they immediately become attracted to him. I used to enjoy watching him in church. All the babies would always want to come and play with him. Now that I think about it, they aren't many teens and young adult men that enjoy or feel comfortable playing with young children.

Andy and I had to play together when we were young. We would hunt lizards, ride our bikes in the desert, jump on the trampoline, fight, play He-man and nintendo. I remember not liking him very much but once I went to college he started getting cooler.  Ever since he was 15 or 16 I have looked up to him. He has been such an example to me. He is a natural leader. He is quiet and shy but so many people want to follow him.

We don't get to see him often because he has a life of his own but every time I do I am reminded at what a great man he is. Thank you Andy for being a such a hard worker and example to so many.

Andy and his oldest son, Thomas Major

Andy and Jaileigh

Andy and Jaileigh napping.

Andy did the whole NFL gig for a few years and now plays football with a minor league team. Go ahead, google him. I just did. He's even listed in Wikipedia.

His professional (NFL) mug shot.

The great man!

Andy and Annie hanging out on Grandpa's bench.

Hopefully, now that you've been offically introduced, you'll get to see more of him.
Love you Andy!

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