Friday, July 15, 2011

A Year Later, Another Set Of Stitches

Yep, we now have our 2nd set of stitches. Jakob got the first set last June a little over a year ago.  This time he was again involved. He and Michael were goofing around. Jake pushed Michael and WHAM he fell into the bookshelf. I rushed him to the urgent care, which is a block away.  An hour and a half later, he got 3 stitches. He didn't cry once, he was so brave. The doctor was so impressed. He said that this would be his demeanor his whole life, one tough kid. After the stitches, even though it was bedtime, we went to Target and let him pick out a toy. He chose the Fisher Price zoo because it had an elephant in it.

Michael watching Nemo while we waited. 

Annie and Michael playing with balloons.

After stitches. Happy little man. He was so excited to get a new toy and relieved that it was all over.

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