Sunday, July 17, 2011

Annie's Brag Sheet

Annie turned 13 months on June 29. She is such a funny girl. She has her own personality and is quite the ham.

She says 3 words- down, dog, and mama.
She waves hi and bye.
She jumps up and down.
When she wants to eat she goes over to her high chair and tries to climb in.
She carries a pen and a notepad around just like her siblings.
She can color and write.
She likes to sing, yell, scream, and jabber.
She really wants to be potty trained like her siblings.
She doesn't like to wear clothes.
She does everything her siblings do.
She can do a shape sorter with help.
She loves babies.
She loves dogs even more.

Her first taste of BBQ sauce.

Jaileigh loves her sister!

Michael loves her too.

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