The Whole Story

This is the first time typing out our story. I can't believe that we have been married 6 years, have 5 children and I have never written down the nitty gritty details.

In 2004 Mike and I both transferred to Las Vegas, NV. I was coming from Salt Lake City, UT and Mike from Chicago, IL. We ended up working together at the same high school, teaching the same subjects. He coached Baseball, Girls Basketball and Football. I coached the cheerleaders. Mike asked me out, I said yes, and 8 months later we got married.

In 2006 we relocated to Southern California. We tried for awhile to get pregnant but it wasn't working. I saw doctors, Mike saw doctors, the doctors were all stumped. We tried a couple rounds of clomid and a couple rounds of intrauterine insemination – IUI. We had really good insurance so the doctors pushed us through and we decided to do in vitro fertilization.

We were referred to Loma Linda Center For Fertility and IVF .We did one round of IVF. Dr. Jacobson retrieved 53 mature follicles (eggs). We ended up with 18 usable embryos. We chose to transfer 2 embryos. I hyperstimulated severely.  In two days I gained 18 pounds all in my abdomen. I felt horrible. My ovaries were the size of very large grapefruits. I was teaching school at the time and kept teaching. All my kids thought I was pregnant. Not even a week after the transfer I took a home pregnancy test and tested positive. The severe hyperstimulation was a big clue that I was pregnant. A couple of weeks later I found out I was pregnant with quadruplets.

I finished out the school year teaching. The day school got out I was put on bedrest. I was 22 weeks pregnant. At 24 weeks I was hospitalized and at 28 weeks 3 days I delivered 3 boys and 1 girl. My baby D was suffering from slight IUGR (Intrauterine Growth Restriction).

July 29, 2008 we welcomed=
Baby A Anthony Joseph  2 lbs 9 oz
Baby B Michael Huston 2 lbs 11 oz
Baby C Jaileigh Addison 2 lbs 4 oz
Baby D Jakob Thomas 1 lb 15 oz

I saw the babies as they were born and then they were immediately whisked away to the NICU. Minutes after the delivery there was a 5.4 earthquake. I was laying on the operating table being sewn up. All I could think about were my sweet newborns and if they were safe or not.

Anthony and Michael both had PDA surgery to close their PDA valve in their hearts. Jakob had a hernia repair. They all came home after a long 10-12 week stay in the NICU. While they were in the NICU I was able to stay at the Ronald McDonald House next to the hospital. I lived in the NICU. I was there 16-20 hours everyday. Mike worked and visited everyday after work. I pumped breastmilk every 2 hours day and night for a year. They never had to have formula.

After 13 months I put the pump on the shelf. I continued nursing Jaileigh but I was done pumping. At this time I got pregnant with our 5th child Anndalyn Grace. She was born via emergency C-section on May 29, 2010 also at Loma Linda University Medical Center. The quads were 22 months old to the day.

Anndalyn Grace- 7 lbs 6 oz

All of our babies were miracles. We had 2 embryos implanted and somehow ended up with 4 babies. None of the quads are identical so somehow I got pregnant with two on my own. Then I got pregnant when I stopped pumping and I was still nursing. Our 28 weekers have caught up physically and mentally and are almost 3. Our sweet #5 has caught up to the other 4. She believes that she is a quad and no one will tell her otherwise.

Our house is busy, fun, loud, exciting, exhausting, full of love, tears and laughter. Our hands are full and our hearts are fuller. We thank Heavenly Father daily for our blessings, our babies and each other.