Behind The Names

I get asked quite a bit how we came up with 5 names. Each name does have meaning so I thought I would explain. I wanted each child to have traditional family name. I wanted my boys to have strong names. I also didn't want them to be so unique that teachers would be puzzled when calling roll. Poor Jaileigh didn't fit the category, she confuses people all the time. Being a teacher I also had a long list of names that I refused to name my children. After a LONG process we came up with 5 beautiful names.

Anthony Joseph- This name was saved for the eldest of our boys. Mike's family tradition is to name the eldest son Joseph Anthony and then he names his eldest son Joseph Anthony and so forth. Mike, obviously, isn't the eldest in his family so I didn't feel like we needed to be strict with the name order. His older brother never had children and we wanted to somewhat carry on the tradition. I really liked the name Anthony so we decided on Anthony Joseph instead of Joseph Anthony.

Michael Huston- Michael got his father's name. Huston was a name that I found in Sports Illustrated when I was pregnant. Huston Street is a baseball player. I really liked how it was spelled too. We now live off of Huston Street. Funny!

Jaileigh Addison- My middle name is Jai and my mom and sister's middles names are Lee/Leigh. We combined them, {I know, so Mormon of me} and got Jaileigh. Addison is one of the streets that Wrigley Field is on. Mike is a huge Cubs fan. He wanted to name the kids Clark, Waveland, Addison and Sheffield; the four cross streets of Wrigley Field.

Jakob Thomas- I loved the name Jakob. I spelled it with a "K" because I didn't like the inconsistancy or confusion of JaCob and Jake. I also wanted to spell Michael, Mikel, but Big Mike said NO! Thomas is my family's traditional eldest son name. My dad was the eldest and is Thomas Edwin, my brother is the eldest son and is Thomas Andrew and he named his eldest son Thomas. I used it for a middle name to honor my father. Jakob is the baby of the quads and is the closest with my father.

Anndalyn Grace- Annie was by far the hardest to name. We had used up all of our family names with the quadruplets and we were stumped. We wanted her to have a family name but had a hard time picking one. We finally decided on Ann, this is her paternal grandmother's middle name. Grace is another street that crosses Wrigley Field so both our girls are named for Wrigley Field.


Rebekka Lausen said...

Sweet names! I love your blog! I read it all the time!


Jen Linares said...

Hey Mrs. DeMaria

sheriz123 said...

I have followed your blog forever and love all the names, but especially the girls names! In my head I pronounce Jaileigh as that right?

Amber said...

Yes, that is how we say Jaileigh. Thanks for your comment! Glad you enjoy the blog. I love hearing from blog followers.

erincastro2011 said...

I wish I had the time & energy to do my own blog. Don't know how you do it. Love how all the kids names have special meanings

erincastro2011 said...

Wish I had the time & energy to do my own blog. Love how all the kids names have a special meaning!