Monday, December 14, 2015

The Nutcracker

For Christmas, Mike gave the girls tickets to the Nutcracker. We dressed up and went to the Kodak Theater in San Diego one Saturday afternoon.

Annie and Jaileigh

Walking up the stairs.

Waiting for the show to start.

The show was really long for Annie. At the opening orchestral number she announced to everyone that it was boring and she was ready to go.  We had a grouchy lady in front of us that was constantly turning around glaring at us. It probably didn't help that Annie loudly asked why that lady was eating candy bars in the theater because food was NOT allowed in there. hahaha

The tickets that Mike got were "Meet and Greet" tickets. The girls got to meet the cast after the show and were allowed to take pictures. It was so neat.  

The cousins

This was by far the best number of the show! Mother Ginger with all her children under skirt.

Jaileigh and her Clara doll

Annie picked a pink nutcracker

Clara and the nutcracker

A couple of the ballerinas talking to the girls.

More cousin pictures

We followed these two around for quite awhile before we were able to get a picture. Jaileigh wanted one really badly. Annie was too shy. The sugar plum fairy.

A beautiful tree picture

We went to Denny's after. They ate so much! 

We had so much fun! The boys got to shoot their bow and arrows and guns with some friends. Everyone had an amazing day! Thanks Daddy!

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