Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Family Photo Fun

After our archery session we took some impromptu family pictures. We are so goofy!

The original 3 Stokes kids.

The whole family- Andy, me, Rori, Mom and Dad

The sisters and girls.

With our Tia sister too!

All the men-folk


Rori and Mom

Tia, Rori and Mom

Rori and Mom

Amber and Mom

The goofball and his mom

A rarely seen real smile from Andy.

Mom and Tia

Rori and Edward

I was showing Rori that I DID have cleavage after children and Mike wanted to know why the "girls" were out. Goofy!

The goof again with his lovely bride.
Showing off his man cleavage.

Dad and Mom

Dad and Amber

Dad and Rori

Andy and Dad

Mike and Dad and Andy doing bunny ears

Jaileigh and the Mazinator

Playing piano together.

Grandma brought the kids whoopie cusions and slinkies. Oh how fun!

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