Saturday, December 5, 2015

fun fun fun

fun fun fun

Michael practicing the "crow"

They would not stop fighting so I tried this trick. They thought it was pretty funny.

She wore these to school for a week. 

So long!

My bruise over the weeks, from the bow and arrow

Sunday mornings are hard, Mike leaves at 5:30 which leaves me to get the 6 of us ready and to church by 9:00. The kids decided to "help" by making their own breakfasts. We actually ended up being late but they had a blast and were so proud of themselves.




Jaileigh likes the Gordan Ramsey special, special eggs. 


Make up on the chin but a cute smile!

I had to go to Rancho Cucamonga one afternoon, We took a drive by our old house. This is the house we brought the quads home to, I can't believe how small it was! We would be on top of each other now.

Snack time at Target. They love the stools,

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