Monday, December 28, 2015


I love Christmas! The kids are entertained forever!

These are the most amazing toys! Magnatiles or Picasso Tiles. The cheapest place to find them is on Amazon. They run $1-2/square but they are so worth it! Jake got a set of 100 last Christmas and this Christmas Jaileigh got another set.

After this castle the boys built a ramp and track for their matchbook cars. They played for hours. 

The family band has been moved upstairs. 

My budding artist.

More darts

She got one shirt for Christmas and has worn if 3 days in a row.

Another AMAZING gift item are things called snap circuits. I got mine on amazing. Kids get to experiment with circuits in a variety of experiments. We got two sets. The small one has 750 different electronic circut experiments.  The age is for 8 and older but all of my kids have sat and played with them for hours. 

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