Friday, December 4, 2015

Name Change

The older the kids get the more money they need! The more expensive clothes, shoes, coats, lessons, classes are! Since Annie is in kindergarten and Mike has a workable job we decided that I would try to pick up some subbing hours for some extra cash. When Mike and I got married I went right down to the social security office in Las Vegas and walked out 30 minutes vowing to never return, The lines were ridiculous! Since then I have worked in 2 different districts and have never changed my last name. At this school district they made me change my name! I couldn't believe it. I fought it and even tried to just change my driver license back to my maiden name. Then my name wouldn't match the name on my teaching certificate. I bit the bullet and went to the social security office. I got there at 8:00 am and they opened at 9:00.  There were already 20-30 people in line. I waited in the freezing cold for the hour before they opened. They let me right in because they help name changes first. It was great! This guy was who I got to wait in line with. He shared his lovely music with all of us, told us how it would work when the security came out. He was pretty friendly and pretty interesting. So, I have officially changed my last name, after 10 years. I am now a married woman,

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