Thursday, October 13, 2016

Simply Making Memories

One of my most favorite times and memories we are making as a family is sitting in the backyard with music playing and watching my kids play with each other. I get to play DJ of sorts, my kids shout out songs they want to hear and we listen to them on the little bluetooth and my phone.

This is typical Jaileigh, sporty, yet still a princess. 

Cartwheels. . .

There's always one in their "speedo"

Little Sporty Spice with an Attitude!

Rico Suave himself

There was a beautiful sunset and Michael was yelling at me to take a picture of it. Anthony was yelling for me to play Call Me Maybe, Jake wanted Bad Blood and then my camera card was full! It was a beautiful sunset and evening!

Jaileigh's First Soccer Game '16

Jaileigh had so much fun at her first soccer game. She is such a great runner and enjoys it.

Jaileigh got to be #3. I told her that it was her baby birth order so she was extra lucky.

She was so happy! 

Save The Boobies

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Mike bought his baseball team and the girls pink socks to wear for the month.

Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh and Anthony

Jaileigh, Jake, Michael, Anthony and Annie
Annie was crying because the sun was too bright and hurting her eyes.

The boys running as soon as they heard the picture was taken. 

Jaileigh and the boys had games at the same time. It was so hard not to be able to be there for both games. I wanted to split myself in half. Dad went to the boys since he's the coach and Annie and I went to support Jaileigh. 

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


I was able to take a few pictures the other day. The first grouping of pictures are saying the pledge of allegiance.


Anthony's ball went way out there. . .



Jake slid into home, just because it's fun.

Some cute pictures of Anthony. He was patient with me. 

3 brothers

Anthony, Jake. Michael

The girls wanted pictures too.
Friend, Jaileigh and Annie