Saturday, November 3, 2018

Jaileigh And The Red Sox

Love this little girl! She has become such a great baseball player. She has the best coaches! They have worked with her and her confidence has grown so much. Her games are so fun to watch. Go Red Sox!

They won their first playoff game by the skin of their teeth. I was worried we were going to the losers bracket. 10-9. Jaileigh got the walkoff RBI for the 2nd time. She also got hit by a pitch for the first time this season. She took it like a champ. 

The game was delayed a couple of hours because of earlier games that went into overtime. The kids hung out at the field. 

Jaileigh and her friend Cameron.

She stole home, the catcher (a classmate) had the ball, she slid into home and he dropped the ball. She thought she was out until I told her she was safe when she got to the dugout. She got the biggest grin on her face. She was so happy!

When her game was over we went to Archibalds for dinner to celebrate and it was super late!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Football Doubleheader

Go Fighting Irish!

Our #6 kid, Cayson

Dad got to fill in as coach. He loved it! 


Some of the pictures are really bad. It was night, I was shaky and I also couldn't figure out my manual settings. Argh!

Michael running with the ball

and he was accidentally tackled


Since his dad was coaching, Michael got to play! He was so happy!


Just barely made it around him. 


The cutest boys ever!

These two sitting out together and discussing the game

They ended up beating both teams. 63-6 and 56-18. During a mercy the losing team gets the ball on the 10 yard line after each turn over to help them score. That's where the 18 points came from. I'm not usually happy about beating someone so badly but both of these teams had coaches and players that had given our team a hard time the last time we played them so I was a little bit happy about it. Pink socks for October are for Breast Cancer Awareness. At this game they were in honor of Jakob who was severely bullied by the players and the other coach last game. Made my heart happy to see the players stand up for him. I'm sure it was hard for the other team to swallow crow. Our boys showed amazing sportsmanship!

The Fighting Irish is still undefeated!