Wednesday, June 27, 2018

World Series

World Series games. The Aces went further than I expected them to go in the World Series. They seemed to like to start the game losing and end it winning. Losing seemed to motivate them to play better I guess. It was a fun week with the team. We played at 3 different BLD's. The opening ceremonies was at the one local to us in Perris. Our first game was in Jurupa Valley Bld, then we played in Chino Hills and then back to Jurupa Valley. Our local one was definitely the nicest one! At the BLD's you have to pay to get in, $10 for adults and $7 for kids. You can't bring anything in to eat or drink and they search your bags, including all baseball equipment bags. It's sad that they are all about the money making. They have different fields from around the country. At the Chino Hills BLD they had a Wrigley field complete with the "Ivy Wall" that was made out of bushes.

Michael and AJ have a special relationship. 2nd base and shortstop better like each other I guess.

Anthony was called safe on a steal and then the call was changed. He refused to move off of his base. 

A little dugout fun


Coaches meeting

Jakey D on 1st base

Mikey D on 2nd

Anthony Rizzo in center


He swings so hard that sometimes he falls.

Jakey D 
In two games he won the game for us. We would be down by one or two and he would hit in the running runs ending the game. He is such a stud! 

Mikey D watching over the dugout

Jake stealing in a few pictures




AJ- Shortstop, Michael 2nd, Anthony center field

My own little Rizzo

End of the series for us. Glad we can smile!

Jake is so difficult to get to smile! I have to take at least 20 pictures before I get a good one of him. 

Blowing bubbles

Handsome boys

Annie Grace

Jaileigh Addison

Coach and his boys and girls