Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Grandma Mitzi

Grandma is celebrating her birthday today! We have decided that grandma has a terminal disease of never aging. Every year she gets younger instead of older! I think her youth is eternal! We love you mom and grandma! You are the most amazing of both.

Mike and I are so grateful for your example and the love that you share with us. Our kids think the sun rises and sets on you! Love you!!


My poor boys! I should say my poor girls too. We go to the baseball fields and mike is busy coaching, I have to do the books, and the girls are not watched and told to watch each other. eeek and argh! I don't ever get to take pictures of the boys. Last season I had a couple pictures because our friend Kevin snapped a few one day. I do know that they are going to have great memories of playing ball and their dad being their coach. The girls have made lots of friends with the other little kids.

This season I'm going to try to take more pictures. That is my goal!

Their first game they won 27-1 (because of league rules we can only report a score 10 runs ahead so 12-1), second game they won 17-15. They are an awesome team! It's so fun to watch them.

Pratice pictures.

Jake has been playing first base.

Anthony plays short stop.  He really, really wants to play catcher all the time but he's too good at short.

Game day.
Michael playing catcher. He plays pitcher, 2nd base and 3rd.



School Pictures

The day I dread has come. Picture day for pictures I know I won't buy. Usually I'm able to buy the digital one copy for $5. This year they are charging $15 for the digital. So, here are the picture day pictures we will be getting.

My awesome 2nd graders!

and my beautiful 1st grader.






The fabulous 5!

We have to leave for the bus at 6:50 so the fact that all 5 were ready in time for me to take pictures is amazing!!