Monday, July 14, 2008

12 days down in the clink!

Sorry for how slow I have been at updating the blog. I haven't gotten into a good routine yet and my Internet surfing and updating has suffered. I am doing GREAT. I am still off of all drugs except vitamins. I keep telling the nurses that I am at "Boring" status. I really like being at boring status and they like me being there too.

Today a team of perinatologists came in to meet me. I thought they were just curious to see the new quad mom but they were actually working. Within an hour they had placed orders for me to be monitored for contractions one hour a day (TOCO), have PIH screening (Pregnancy Induced Hypertension), and some sort of blood screening panel. The PIH and blood screening panels are to get a baseline of my normal levels because hypertension rarely occurs before 28 weeks. The blood draw will also let them know if my liver is functioning properly. To do the PIH screening I/they have to collect my urine for 24 hours- gross I know!

Sadly, my mom and Rori went home on Saturday. It was a very sad day. The nurses here all know Rori and ask where she is. They looked forward to see her more than me I think. Mike and I wish that they would both just move in with us permanently. It was very comforting to have my mom near.

My friends, Michelle and Jen, flew in from Salt Lake to visit this weekend. They were so fun to have visit. They spoiled me with Olive Gardens Torta di Chocolate, a warm double chocolate cake served with vanilla cream sauce and fresh strawberries. I don't think that I will ever eat hospital dessert again.

I now have wheelchair ride privileges. I can go on a ride for 30 minutes a day. Hooray! I really look forward to those. On Saturday Michelle and Jen brought down Wrigley and Maddox (our puppies) to visit. Mike had stayed at the hospital over night so when the 30 minutes was up he took them home. He had to go home to pick up Rori and my mom so that they could come visit one last time before their plane departed.

I promise to update better and Rori has promised to submit another story. I think it is going to have something to do with painting Mikes toe nails. Thank you again to all that are praying, emailing, calling, texting, visiting, etc. We appreciate it so much. The prayers are keeping our buns in the oven!

Rori and I the first night that I was admitted. I have the lovely blue robe on.

I don't think that Mike will be able to squeeze into my new twin bed much longer. I am expecting my belly to get a lot larger.

Multi-tasking- monitoring fetal heart tones and contractions while talking on the phone and posing for a picture. This is only done by the over-the-top nurses because it requires a lot of patience! It is not in my orders yet- they told me to expect it soon though. It is very uncomfortable to lay there with 5 monitors strapped to your belly for an hour. Especially when you have to use the restroom every 30 minutes.

Mark made by the monitoring.

I "heart" my babies. 26 week belly shot.

Michelle and Jen surprised me with a Audrey Hepburn shirt. I am a big fan of Audrey! One of my doctors asked if I was trying to make a fashion statement in the hospital?!? I told him "Of Course, didn't all pregnant women?" I especially like my new jewelry- the id bands and the IV.

Michelle and I


Jenny said...

yay! im so excited for all the pics and good updates!:) lemme tell ya...i FEEL your pain with the TOCO monitoring....i hated that! and it was always sad when i'd get a nurse that had never had me before because most of them had a hard time getting all 4 babies on...and then getting them to stay on...what talent. anyway! SO glad you're doing so well!

Stephanie said...

I'm new to your blog, but I just wanted to say congrats and good luck! I've been a follower of the "quad" fams on blog for a while all amaze me!! Keep sane and keep them cooking..seems like you are doing a great job!!

KS Dallas said...

Another lurker here. Just wanted to say you look fantastic for 26 weeks! I know the monitors are a pain but someday (not to far off) - you'll wish for an hour where you can lay in bed and do nothing. :o) Anyway, keep 'em cooking and keep posting.

KS Dallas

Collegegirl said...

You DO NOT have to apologize! Hang in there and stay strong!!!

Misty said...

You look fabulas!!!! The monitoring thing does suck! I had daily ultrasounds on top of the other monitoring once they put me in the hospital. You are doing so awesome! 26weeks is great! And yes, you belly will grow ALOT more! At least you are tall (or appear to be in the pics), I'm only 5ft so you can image how huge I looked!

King Quads said...

You look great girlie! Keep up the good work on keeping those babies cooking. Love the pictures.

Marci said...

Are you getting smaller?!? Looking back, your belly looks bigger earlier!! What the heck is that about? You are doing fabulous, especially since I know how much you hate being stagnant. At least they seem to be keeping you entertained at the hospital. Are you all alone, now? I need to plan a trip out, but don't know when to book it since I really want to see the babies as well as you. I'm heading to Utah tomorrow, and wish I were seeing you, too. Tell Mike to hold off on those 'cub inspired' names and remember that little Wakeland has to live through puberty with his name. Lots of love, and we'll keep the prayers coming!

fourbabies4us said...

Hey little mama,
Can't wait to get back and see you again. My husband deserves an award for taking care of my 4 while I'm gone. He never complains and does a great job. I know Mike will be the same.
I'm following your lead and have started a blog of my own. I doubt it will be as entertaining as yours and definitely won't have as much action!
Anyhoo, I love you both!

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to see your pics on the blog!! You and Rori do look so much alike there.! Thanks to Michelle and her neice for flying in to see you and for all of the folks that are coming to see you each week. Some of the folks here in St. George are planning a trip to Loma Linda to keep you company! Keep smiling and we are praying and missing your tons! AWESOME GIRL! Love Mom and Rori

Suzanne said...

hey lady! you are doing such a great job! hang in there and stay positive!!! much love headed your way from the steece quads!!!

The Gerwer Babies said...

You are doing great! Those pictures bring back a lot of memories. Stay positive! Enjoy your wheel chair privilages, i never got those :( So jealous, when i was in, i was in on bedrest...
If you ever need another quad mom to talk to, feel free. I know that its hard to type when your laid up in bed :)

Anonymous said...

I love that shirt!! when are you going to be done with it? it would make a lovely addition to my wardrobe. love you!!