Friday, June 27, 2008

How do I spend my days? You must be going CRAZY!

This is a question I get asked from most people I talk to, whether they know me or not. I have been thinking about it today. Really, what do I do? I tried to think of what TV I have watched all week and I can name the shows I have seen on one hand- A Cold Case, Jon and Kate, Today show, Rachael Ray, and an Everyday Italian episode. This does not count what Mike watches. He comes home and turns on ESPN or one of the MLB channels that mysteriously appeared as part of our cable package. Normally I would have a fit that he watched that much but I really don’t care right now. Lucky for him! I also don't think that his shows count because I don't actively participate in the watching.

Reading- I do read quite a bit but not as much as I regularly do. I have read 2 people magazines, 2 Better Homes and Gardens, 2 Ensigns, and 4 books. I am usually an avid reader and can read at least a book a day. Lately I have found it hard to concentrate on reading.

Knitting, Sewing, Scrapbooking, and other crafty things- hard to do on bedrest.

Talking on the telephone- I have never been much of a phone talker and I am still not. I hate how the phone gets hot on my ear. I have upped my talking time quite a bit since being on bed rest but it is probably at the level that a “normal” person would talk on the phone. I talk to my mom everyday instead of once a week. I do text my sister and a few random people, quite a bit.

Internet surfing and blog reading- This is what I spend a lot of my time doing. I check our blog about 100 times a day for comments, I check my emails, I check your blogs at least 5-10 times to see if by miracle you have updated them, and last night I made a music playlist that I am still working on. The playlist has been a great time killer. I noticed the babies would kick a lot for certain songs. I decided that if they liked the song they kicked and if they didn’t then they rested and waited for the next song. Being the organized science person that I am I had to make a chart of my findings. Here is the chart.

Liked Artist Song Name
Yes Colbie Caillat Realize
No One Republic Stop and Stare
yes John Mayer Say
Yes Lifehouse Whatever it takes
No boys Yes Girl Sara Bareilles Love Song
Yes Blake Lewis I Got U
Yes Maroon 5 Harder To Breathe
No Coldplay Violet Hill

Ok- I can only do internet and computer stuff for so long because my eyes go crazy and my side or my back starts to hurt (my upper back not my lower). So, then I start into my new habit that I spend the most time in and that is . . . . . . . .thinking.

I really think that I spend a lot of time meditating or thinking or zoning out. I don’t want to call it daydreaming because I don’t think that is what it is. I don’t say to myself, “Self it is time to do some deep thinking.” It just happens. For example I was in the middle of watching the Cold Case File and kept zoning out into my think zone. I really can’t tell you what the Cold Case File was about or who the killer was. This is what makes doing anything so hard, I can’t concentrate, my active brain takes over. I know that the thinking has taken place when people are talking to me, especially on the phone. So, I apologize if it was when I was talking to you.

Maybe one of these days I will post some of my deep thinkings- HA ha ha. This entry has been long enough. I guess I have picked up another (bad) habit, rambling in my writings. Some of you will find it amusing, hopefully. For the rest of you just skip it, don’t hurt your brain trying to understand a pregnant woman. I won’t feel bad.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Home Still!

I am still home! Today was a day of celebration for me and a day of mourning for Mike. I didn’t have any changes at my doctor visit so they let me come home. Mike wanted me in the hospital so that he doesn’t have to worry about me. I really did not want to go in the hospital. I think I prayed harder!

We got some 4d pictures of the babies. They were VERY active and it was very hard to get pictures of them. We only have one picture of a face. The rest are of various body parts. The babies were so much bigger than last time. In the middle of my stomach there is a sea of hands and feet and they were all moving, trying to defend their space. Here is the weight chart for the babies. They are all right on track except for our baby girl. She is about a week behind the rest. She is baby C. Their estimated weights range from 1 lb 6 oz to 1 lb 2 oz.

For those of you who can't read the really small chart here is the most important stuff.

Average Ultrasound Age(AUA)= This is the age the are measuring.
Estimated Fetal Weight (EFW)= The babies estimated weight.

Baby A
AUA= 23 weeks 5 days
EFW= 1 lb 6 oz

Baby B
AUA= 23 weeks 6 days
EFW= 1 lb 6 oz

Baby C
AUA= 22 weeks 6 days
EFW= 1 lb 2 oz

Baby D
AUA= 23 weeks 5 days
EFW= 1 lb 5 oz

As for me I am doing great. On Friday my cervix was measuring 1.4-1.7 cm today it measured 1.8-1.9 cm. There isn’t any sign of thinning or opening. This is the main reason I was allowed to go home today. I don’t have any swelling, my blood pressure is still very low, my contractions are mild, and I didn’t have any complaints. Next week I will do the Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT) again. This will tell me whether I have gestational diabetes (GD) yet. They told me that I would most likely develop GD because of the 4 placentas.

This week I am measuring 34 weeks, last week I was 35 weeks. Mike asked the nurse why there was a change and she said it was most likely because Baby A had dropped so low and Baby C had moved lower as well. This just means I have more pressure on my pelvic area, mainly my bladder. AAAHHHHHHH!!! As if I don’t use the restroom enough already.

I have also been placed on weekly ultrasounds, OB visits, cervical length checks, and NST. NST stands for Fetal Non-Stress Test. Here is the definition I found on the internet:

The test involves attaching one belt to the mother’s abdomen to measure fetal heart rate and another belt to measure contractions. Movement, heart rate and “reactivity” of heart rate to movement is measured for 20-30 minutes.

They measured my contractions today. I thought that I was having 1-2 contractions per hour but after measuring me they found that I was having 1 contraction every 8-9 minutes. The contractions were very mild (Braxton Hicks) so they weren’t too worried.

If anything changes I am supposed to go in immediately, no matter what time it is.

Mike update- He has a couple of new jobs. He is now the house maid and the waitress. I bet he never, ever thought he would hold those jobs or that he would be so good at them. He is doing a wonderful job. He really wants me in the hospital so that he doesn’t have to worry about me when he is at work. I will get there in due time. He is such a worrier. I feel very loved because he worries and cares so much.

Mike has also been thinking about names. He has come up with 5 that he thinks are really good. Here they are: Addison, Sheffield, Waveland, Clark, and Joseph. The first 4 are the streets that line Wrigley field and the last one is his fathers’ name. If only the world revolved around Mike and his Cubs.

Wrigley and Maddox both got hair cuts and are loving it because it has been so hot. They are still being very good “guard dogs”. They both take turns laying their heads on my belly. I don’t know if they can hear the babies or if they just think my big belly is a good head rest.

Thanks for keeping in touch! I love to read your comments, even if I don’t know who you are. It keeps me busy. Also, thank you for everyone that is praying. We are still holding strong!

Now for what all of you have been waiting for, if you didn't skip the reading. Here are the pictures. Good luck deciphering them. I will tell you what I can remember about each one.

This is a picture of baby B’s bottom in the bottom left corner. He is sitting in the middle of my stomach all stretched out. His head is down and his legs are up trying to kick me in the ribs. You can see the leg it is bent. He has his back towards us and is hiding his head. You can see his back and his upper arm. Sorry I’m not too helpful or descriptive, my brain is fried.

All I can say on this one is I think it is her arm. She was hiding and moving soooo much that the tech had a really hard time getting pictures of her. She is breech and stretched out along my whole right side. She is very cramped over there and is trying to fight for her space. We watched one the boys kick her and she punched him right back. She is going to be a tough cookie. She is also responsible for the constant (24/7) movement I feel. I don’t think she sleeps. My personal theory is that she moves so much that she can’t keep her weight up- that is why she is so small. Mike says that I just make stuff up.

This is also our little girl. You can see her little hand right in the middle of the picture. The rest I can’t remember.

I think this is Baby D but we can’t remember and it isn’t labeled for us. This is the only face picture we have of the four. Mike thinks that he looks like him.

Baby A is very, very low. He is ready to be born. I am sure he is going to have a cone head due to being squished in the birth canal so long. Baby D is the highest baby and is on my left side stretched out. His head is to the left and his feet are in the middle, kicking with everyone else.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

I have been sleeping downstairs on an airbed that has a slow leak in it. I didn't mind because when the air leaked out the bed got squishier for me. It has been too hot to sleep in our upstairs bedroom. Our house doesn’t have air conditioning and the last 2 weeks it has been over 95 degrees. No one up here on the mountain has air conditioning, I guess because it is supposed to be cool. On Wednesday Mike and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. We agreed to no presents and no cards. He broke the rule and bought a card and a present- a new airbed that doesn’t leak. It was very sweet of him and I love it. Since I cannot go shopping I decided I would try to put together a slideshow of the last 3 years for him.

Looking through our pictures I realized how blessed we have been. We have been able to go on a lot of vacations, we have enjoyed each other, we got to know each other, we visited families and friends, and really enjoyed ourselves and played. I am so thankful for the time we had together alone and that we could become even closer as friends, soul mates, and eternal companions. I am even more excited that we now get to do it all with a family. Even though things will be tough, I couldn't choose a better person standing by my side and holding my hand through it all.

I love you Mike and appreciate EVERYTHING that you do!

If you can't get the slideshow to play, click on view all images and see if that helps. I have worked on this for a week and am still trying to figure it out. I thought I was somewhat tech savvy but I guess not.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scary Nights and Cubs Win

Thursday night I woke up at 2:00 am having contractions. It took me awhile to figure out what was going on because I was having a lot of back pain. I was concentrating on trying to get comfortable and wasn’t paying attention to the fact that every time I had a back spasm I also had a contraction. I finally figured it out and started to worry. The whole time this was going on the babies were having a party in my belly. They were so active. I knew that I probably wasn’t in real labor because they were so active. The next morning I called the doctors office and talked to a nurse. Dr. Oshiro was out of town for the day but she called him and he told me to come in and to be prepared to be admitted. I burst into tears. For those of you who know me, I do NOT cry. I am going to blame them on exhaustion and hormones.

They did a TVS ultrasound to check my cervical length. I started out at 4 cm and I am now 1.4 cm. I think that if my doctor had been in the office he would have admitted me. Dr. Block was on call and told me to go home and to stay in bed. He said that the hospital couldn’t do anything for me that I couldn’t do at home, except hook me up to more machines. If I have any more contractions he told me to come back.

Mike is waiting on me hand and foot and I am getting very good at being bossy. He’ll say that I was always bossy but he doesn’t know what he’s in for now. Last night was a much better night. No contractions. Hooray!

More good news- Kristen and Rori are coming to visit. Kristen is my good friend from Las Vegas and Rori is my baby sister. Also, the Cubs beat the White Sox (thats for Mike).

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Italian By Marriage

Mike brought this Italian By Marriage T-Shirt so that he would feel better about our children being only 1/2 Italian. They will be the first non-purebred Italian DeMarias in his family line.

I went to see Dr. Oshiro today for my check-up. All is well! I am measuring 35 weeks and I am 22 and 1/2. WHEW! I knew that I felt big. He did the quick ultrasound to check heartrates and to make sure they were all kicking still.

Here are the babies heartrates-

Baby A (boy)- 146
Baby B (boy)- 154
Baby C (girl)- 154
Baby D (boy)- 146

Baby A and D are more on my left side and Baby B and C are on my right side. Dr. Oshiro said all four of the babies are towards my right side, which is probably why my back hurts only on my right side. I also feel the majority of movement on my right side or down the middle of my stomach. I was a little worried about not feeling movement on my left side but now I know why.

I lost 3 pounds this week. I think its because I haven't been able to eat much. My stomach is soooooooo squished and gets full really quickly. All day long I feel like I just ate Thanksgiving Dinner. My weight gain has been great so far so the doctor is not worried yet.

Let's see, what else can I remember . . . . . I am learning that with my figure going out the window my brain is also. I misplace things, forget things, hide things, and forget some more. Mike has been very patient with me. Yesterday I misplaced a gift card to WalMart that had a lot of money on it. I returned some curtains and they put the money on the gift card. I of course put the gift card in a "safe place". HAH! I looked in the safe place and couldn't find it. Mike later found it.

Anyway back to the doctor. Next week, at my ultrasound, they will check my cervix and if it has shortened at all he will put me in the hospital. He told me to have my suitcase packed. Yikes! Boredom and bad food. The hospital is a vegetarian hospital. They serve meat to the "inmates" but I bet it isn't that good.

I have been having contractions for about 5 weeks but they have been very irregular and I don't have any pelvic pressure, so I don't need to be too worried. My blood pressure is excellent (thank you mom) and I will have another glucose tolerance test week 24.

That was pretty much the visit and then I opened my big mouth. I said, "So, no real restrictions yet?" Dr. Oshiro looked at me like I was crazy and said, "You are 22 1/2 weeks pregnant with quadruplets. You don't need to be going to the market or planning any trips. Just take it easy, relax, stay on the couch or in bed." Bummer, there went my trip to Target after my appointment.

So, I am officially on bedrest. I feel like an old woman thrown into a rest home. No more freedom, even if I wasn't exercising my freedom, at least it was there. I think my physical body is very relieved and my brain is upset. My body is dead tired and my brain has so much to do still. I know that I am an incubator and that is my job for the next 5 1/2 weeks, hopefully longer. I will do everything I can to get these babies here, and here healthy!

Dr. Oshiro told me to expect to deliver at 28 weeks. My chances of going past that are pretty slim. If my mind has any control over my body it is going to prove him wrong. My goal the whole time has been 28 weeks but now I would love to cook our babies a little bit longer.

This post has been very long. I think that it is because I have been cooped up in the house all week and I am lonely. I have had visitors but I am used to having 200 students talk to me everyday. I am so grateful to the visitors and friends that have been by this week. Sandy came by and did our laundry, cleaned the bathrooms and entertained me. Gina came by and vacuumed, entertained, and fed me delicious cookies. Jerry came over several times, anytime he is in the room everyone is in stitches, he is so funny.

One humorous thing I learned this week is not to hang out in my underwear. It has been so hot that I have developed an aversion to wearing clothes around the house. I was caught 2 times in my skivvies. If you are interested in the story you can email or call me.

Anyway- Thanks everyone for the prayers, the calls, and the visits. Until next time.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Doctor Visit

Mike and I went in for my check-up today and everything is going well. The babies are still active and kicking. I am doing well too. He told me that I need to stop working. He was surprised that I was still working especially when he found out that I teach high school. I have one day of school left and he said that I can finish that one day. My next appointment will be on June 25th. We will keep everyone posted.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


We had visitors last weekend. It was so much fun. Mikes brother Joe and our friend Mike came from Las Vegas, and our other friend Heather came from Chicago. What was the big occasion? The Cubs were in town! They were playing the Dodgers and Mike was lucky enough to get to go to every game. I told him Happy Fathers Day and to enjoy his last big splurge at the ball park because it would never happen again.

These are pictures of Joe and I comparing our bellies. I'm catching up to him. : ) The longer I stare at our bellies, I can't tell which one is bigger. This is my official 20-21 week belly shot.