Saturday, December 26, 2015

Our Savior's Birth- Merry Christmas!

We woke up Christmas morning to Michael losing his tooth. He woke up so exited about it and it took all the kids about 15 minutes to remember that it was Christmas Day. 

Christmas Morning is always exciting when there are little ones.

He saw his drumset. 


her pink guitar

a dart board!

Anthony got his bow and arrow

She was so excited!

The favorite gift was Jake's drum set

The family got a karaoke machine, Annie loved it!

Michael got a dinosaur poop excavation kit. He took it very seriously. Inside the plaster dinosaur poop he excavated a little brown dinosaur poop. 

Playing darts against the couch didn'tlast long. We moved it to the wall. Now my wall has holes in it even though they are soft tipped. 

They are starting a band I think. 

This necklace for Jaileigh is my favorite gift. Mike has called Jaileigh little peanut since she was born. I found these little charms and bought a chain to go with it. I love it! 

The band practicing. Annie's outfit is hilarious.

A little game of family football. 

For dinner we had the kids very favorite, CRAB LEGS and shrimp! my favorite too! It was definietyl a memorable Christmas this year. We tried to keep it simpler than previous years. Tried a little harder to remember that Jesus is what CHRISTmas is all about. 

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