Thursday, December 10, 2015

DJ Glow Dance Party

There was a fundraiser at the kids school. Annie was the only one that actually did it. I explained to the kids that we didn't fundraisers because 1. there are too many of them (kids)  2. you can only go to people you know to sell 3. most people already have kids selling. Annie listened to me, came home and ran to the neighbors house, that doesn't have kids, and sold to her. Then she went to 2 other neighbors houses and sold to them. Then she hit up poor Dede. She did this all on her own without any help. I was so proud of her and a little amazed at her motivation. Because she sold over 5 items she got to go to the DJ Glow dance party. It was at 1 so I had to bring her back to school. She gets out of school at 11:15. She had a blast!

There was a dance contest and she was picked out with 2 other girls to have a dance off.

Her friend Rylan. 

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