Thursday, December 31, 2015

Learning Lessons Still

One of the hardest lessons I've learned was saved for the end of the year. Some of you who are friends with me in real life and on facebook know that on December 23rd our house was burglarized.

When we got home from Knotts Berry Farm I noticed that someone was in our house. Mike was out of the car and I yelled at him to stop.  My Volvo was in the garage, every door was open on it including the trunk, the seats were all put down, and the lights were on inside of it. They go off automatically after about 5 minutes. Our house/garage interior door was propped open and the lights in our house were on. I called 911 and told them someone was in our house robbing it. They told us to stay out and they weren't sure when they would have someone available to come over. WHAT!

Cops showed up, helicopter circled, found nothing.

Our house was trashed, presents under the tree were opened and pilfered through, our master bedroom and closet were ransacked, they took my jewelry box, emptied my sentimental jewelry box taking my church medallions from primary and young womens. They drug the safe from our upstairs closet to our kitchen. Our back french door window was broken with a rock being thrown through it and then someone kicking in the rest of it. There was glass throughout our whole bottom floor. Our flooring that we had put in in February was trashed. The safe was drug over the glass and the floor causing scratches. They brought our wheelbarrow in the house and dumped the mud and mulch all over our white rug,

My kids were a mess. They were terrified. TERRIFIED! Our neighbor helped entertain them while Mike and I dealt with the detectives and cops in our house. Our neighbor Narm, came over and helped Mike board the door/window up.  We were offered several homes to sleep in, including our neighbors home that were out of town.We were going to get our RV and sleep in it. Around 10 we both finally decided that sleeping in our home would be best at that point. We needed to get the kids back into a familiar environment and start proving to them that it was a safe place. Mike and I hurried to hide most of the mess so that we could get them in without seeing most of it.

This experience has been horrible. It has been such an invasion of our privacy. The worst part is the emotional and mental damage that has been done to our children. I was and still am very upset about the loss of my jewelry, not the expensive stuff but the sentimental pieces. The girls rings and bracelets that Mike got them at birth were taken, my wedding bands, a bracelet and necklace that Mike gave me when we got married, pieces from my childhood, a bracelet that had my kids pictures on it, pieces that can never truly be replaced. I had such anger in my heart. I still have anger over this but I know these are not the things that matter. If a check can replace it, it's not important. The most important things in life are those that cannot be replaced with a check or cash.

I am so grateful that we were not home when this happened. I have no doubt that Mike or I would have done something that would have haunted our family forever. Our kids are safe, we are safe. Our kids have a lot of emotional healing to do but we are on the mend. Annie was the most traumatized. She would not leave my side for days. I had to go everywhere with her. When she went to the bathroom I had to go in and hold her hands, when I went to the bathroom it was the same. She didn't sleep at night and when she did sleep she would cry out in her sleep for me. It was awful, brutal! My little dynamic Annie was this scared frightened little girl. She is getting a little better. We have had many prayers and blessings to help her through this. We took steps to protect our house better, we have been patient with her, her siblings have been very patient. As a family we are trying to heal.

Our Bishop pulled Mike aside on Sunday and told him that he needed to get on his knees and pray that he would be able to forgive the people who did this to our family. Another priesthood holder in our ward, pulled him aside as well and told him the same thing. He came home and told me about it. I didn't say much because I was in disbelief that they would tell him to forgive them but I was also in agreement. How can we forgive someone for the evil and turmoil they have caused and they feel no remorse?

Mike took their counsel, humbled himself and talked to our Heavenly Father. He was then able to rebless our house and bless our children that the angels were watching over them and our house and that we would be protected. What an amazing sense of comfort to have this special blessing for our family and our home. I am so grateful for the words of wisdom and inspiration from his friends.

So in this season where we remember Jesus, his birth and His sacrifice, our family was truly shown this love and Spirit of Christmas.

We have truly felt the Spirit of Christmas at our house this year. Our neighbor Susie summed it up perfectly, It's like the Grinch and Whoville. The grinch visited our house and tried to kill our Christmas Spirit. Our neighbors and friends all rallied around us to make sure that Spirit was here. I am overwhelmed and humbled and so touched by the love, compassion and true goodness that people have shown to our family the last couple of days. My friend, Dede showed up at our door at 6 am to help me clean up broken glass that was spread throughout the house & mud that was dumped all over our white rug. Justina, Narm and their amazing kids watched and entertained my kids while the cops took care of our house. Her kids even offered their allowances to my kids to replace their savings that were stolen. All day long yesterday friends stopped by and helped us get through the despair, loneliness and vulnerability that comes. We feel so blessed and filled with the true meaning of CHRISTmas! We wish you all the same!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


The kids LOVE the Papa Murpheys little kid pizzas that you take home and put together on your own. They beg to go there all the time. Mike was out of town, the kids wanted to go, they were scared to go because it was dark, there was a lot of crying involved. I finally convinced them that we could do the same thing at home.  Happy Ending!

Jaileigh's mini pizza



Baking in the oven. The pizza crust is so delicious! I use the Bluebird flour that my dad gets from Page AZ. It is the best flour I have ever used!

Monday, December 28, 2015


I love Christmas! The kids are entertained forever!

These are the most amazing toys! Magnatiles or Picasso Tiles. The cheapest place to find them is on Amazon. They run $1-2/square but they are so worth it! Jake got a set of 100 last Christmas and this Christmas Jaileigh got another set.

After this castle the boys built a ramp and track for their matchbook cars. They played for hours. 

The family band has been moved upstairs. 

My budding artist.

More darts

She got one shirt for Christmas and has worn if 3 days in a row.

Another AMAZING gift item are things called snap circuits. I got mine on amazing. Kids get to experiment with circuits in a variety of experiments. We got two sets. The small one has 750 different electronic circut experiments.  The age is for 8 and older but all of my kids have sat and played with them for hours. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015


We always try to get games and books for Christmas. On a whim I grabbed the game pieface at Walmart one morning. It was on the bottom shelf and looked pretty dumb but I needed one more game. It is the dumbest, and I mean dumbest game ever but it provided so many laughs. Hilarious! Basically its a Russian roulette game with whipping cream.  We laughed until we had side aches.

The directions say to go in order of age, youngest to oldest. Annie got to go first.




I went but didn't get it in the face. 
Mike went and got it. 

We had to do a 2nd round. 

right on the nose!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Our Savior's Birth- Merry Christmas!

We woke up Christmas morning to Michael losing his tooth. He woke up so exited about it and it took all the kids about 15 minutes to remember that it was Christmas Day. 

Christmas Morning is always exciting when there are little ones.

He saw his drumset. 


her pink guitar

a dart board!

Anthony got his bow and arrow

She was so excited!

The favorite gift was Jake's drum set

The family got a karaoke machine, Annie loved it!

Michael got a dinosaur poop excavation kit. He took it very seriously. Inside the plaster dinosaur poop he excavated a little brown dinosaur poop. 

Playing darts against the couch didn'tlast long. We moved it to the wall. Now my wall has holes in it even though they are soft tipped. 

They are starting a band I think. 

This necklace for Jaileigh is my favorite gift. Mike has called Jaileigh little peanut since she was born. I found these little charms and bought a chain to go with it. I love it! 

The band practicing. Annie's outfit is hilarious.

A little game of family football. 

For dinner we had the kids very favorite, CRAB LEGS and shrimp! my favorite too! It was definietyl a memorable Christmas this year. We tried to keep it simpler than previous years. Tried a little harder to remember that Jesus is what CHRISTmas is all about.