Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Night in Bethlehem Dinner

A friend of mine posted about how she did a Bethlehem dinner every year before Christmas. She explained that she served food similar to what Mary and Joseph would have eaten, she turns all the lights off, and they eat on the floor by candle light. Because I act pretty much spur of the moment and fly by the seat of my pants, I decided we were going to do this about 5 minutes before dinner time. It worked out.

We served gnocci, grapes, italian bread with cheese on top and water. 

These were the only candles we had. I need to invest in some emergency ones!

We used the Harry Potter lantern too. 

After we watched several short videos like A Saviour Is Born Because Of Him and He Is The Gift and The Nativity and The True Meaning Of Christmas     

This was such a great idea and we loved it as a family. Hopefully we remember to do it every year. 

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