Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby #3

Baby #3
Watch out ladies I am going to be a heartbreaker
Opinionated, I know what I want and what I don’t want. If you try to force me to do something I don’t want, then you will regret it.
I have the loudest cry of the bunch.
I love to “talk” to you – I often will carry on full conversation with whoever is holding me
Sometimes I will sing beautiful songs
Flirtatious- I love the ladies, I especially like trying to steal my brothers girlfriends
I know how to bat my eyes and flutter my long, curly eyelashes to get what I want
My mommy says I have very kissable lips and I love to kiss her. I open my mouth really wide so that I look like a little bird
I am the tallest of my siblings.
When I cry, everybody cries.
I am very tenderhearted, I like being cuddled, whispered to, and sweet nothings whispered in my ears
I am a sensitive soul
I don’t like loud noises or sudden noises, they scare me and sometimes I cry
I love to kick and stretch out on the ground. I can kick up a storm and can out-do Jane Fonda any day


nennermommy said...


Sunny said...

Mr. Sensitive: Tony Joe!

Amy said...


Andy & Tia Stokes said...

porter....Majors mini me!!!(in the face:)

Anonymous said...


Marci said...

Anthony is definately the flirt, and he has the craziest long curly eyelashes!

sharon said...

aw...."when i cry, everybody cries." so sweet....