Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby #4

Baby #4
I LOOOOVVVVEEE to eat. It is my passion. My favorite food is warm milk from my mommy.
My mommy says that I have beautiful thighs.
All of the ladies love me. My brothers try to steal my girlfriends. (My best girl is Wendy and she said she won’t let the others steal her away)
My cheeks are the most kissable and my eyes are the bluest. My little brother has blue eyes too but mine are ice blue.
My favorite games are “count my bum dimples” and “count my rolls”.
I am the second best tooter, my sister is the best
I have the biggest and most noticeable “Butt Chin”. All my girlfriends think it is adorable.

I am proud to say, I am the first out of all my siblings to hold my own bottle!
I love to cuddle and my squishy body makes everyone love me
I am very Huggable
I talk in softer tones than my big brother. I coo and hum when I eat.
Everyone used to call me the Mellow Baby, but not where food is concerned. I don’t mess around when its feeding time. Sometimes I eat too much and get bad belly aches.


nennermommy said...

Michael!!! He is my boyfreind and dancing partner!!!

Sunny said...

I miss that cuddly Michael! I can see you now typing this with your left hand, while nursing Jaileigh with Anthony in the crook of your knee with a bottle and cooing to the other two! Oh, and participating in another conversation going on upstairs. You amaze me!

Amy said...


Andy & Tia Stokes said...

I love Micheal!!!! Cant wait for him to come sing to us!!!

Anonymous said...


Marci said...

That leaves Michael, of course. What a sweetie! And a good boy to eat so well so he can catch up to his age :)

Darcy "bow makin mamma" said...

That was and easy one! When you said thighs and butt dimples it had to be Michael the chunk!

sharon said...

i knew it was MICHAEL as soon as you mentioned BLUE EYES and MELLOW BABY!