Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby #2

Baby #2
People say that I am spoiled
I refuse to take a bottle, I like my mommy best
I am the smallest but I think the smartest
I am the best tooter and belcher
I can give a really good stink eye look
My mommy says that I do this stretching thing after I get done eating that is very adorable
I stick my little bottom in the air when I sleep on my tummy
When I am mad you definitely know, I am not shy to show it.
I get regular manicures and panicures, my daddy says I am pampered
I learned this new thing, I chew on my mouth, I look like an old person without their dentures in
I am the best projectiler- I have some distance
My mouth is very kissable
I now laugh with my mouth wide open so I look like a little bird (like my brother)
I love all my siblings but my favorite to talk to is Jakey
I get what I want, when I want, and how I want it, its definitely my way or the highway
I am very determined
And very beautiful


nennermommy said...

100% Jaileigh!!!!

Sunny said...

Yeah, right, you only say it was Jaileigh making all that rumbling noise!

Amy said...

Miss Jaileigh

Andy & Tia Stokes said...

Our Princess...or Little Face Andy says!!!! my little friend..miss her...miss them all

Anonymous said...


Marci said...

Jaileigh, easily. Hopefully you're not giving Michael or Anthony mani's and pedi's.

sharon said...

mommy best....gotta be the princess!