Sunday, February 8, 2009

Name That Baby

For those of you who follow the blog regularly or visit us regularly this will be fun. For those of you who don't this will be fun and educational. We are going to play "Name That Baby". In this entry I am listing the babies and their nicknames. The nicknames will probably give away the answers. The next 4 entries I will list the info on each baby. You are supposed to guess which baby is being described in each entry.

So here are the nicknames . . . . . .

Anthony, Tony Joe, AJ, Fruit Cake, Pansy, Cranky Pants, Porter, Little Bird, Italian Stallion

Michael, Chubs, Butter Ball, Pillsbury Dough Boy, Fatty, Fat Mike, Tubs, Squishy, Sweet Cheeks, Tubby Belly, Chunky Monkey

Jaileigh, Jaileigh-Bug, The Princess, Fancy Face, Little Face, Mommas Girl, Peanut, Bumble Bee

Jakob, Jakey, Jakers, Mr. Personality, Gummy Bear, Jake the Snake, JT, Jakey Ray

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