Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Weights, Algo Test, Car Seats

Anthony is now the biggest. He has stepped up to the plate as the oldest and the biggest. That extra 1/8 tsp of infacare is really packing on the ounces.

Anthony- 4 lbs 15 oz
Michael- 4 lbs 14 oz
Jaileigh- 4 lbs 7 oz
Jakob- 4 lbs 13 oz

All babies passed their Algo test (hearing test).

Michael and Jaileigh passed their car seat test. The other 2 haven't taken their test yet. We have 2 car seats.We had a boy one from Jake and Nichole. When we found out Jaileigh was coming home I ran to the store and bought a pink one for her. Michael did his car seat test in the pink one. This will be a cute picture for his girlfriend in 20 years. He really didn't appreciate all the pink and let us know by pooping all over it. I'm not too sure I am impressed with Huggies.

I have really cute pictures but I left my camera at the NICU. Maybe tonight I will post the pictures.


Becky said...

Huggies are horrible! Especially the NICU ones they provide.. ours leaked so bad I swear they didnt absorb a thing. Pampers are my all time ultimate favorite :)

Darcy "bow makin mamma" said...

Pampers awaddlers are the way to go until they get bigger and then I just use sam's club brand because it save money.

Sunny said...

I have to agree. Pampers are better for tiny bums. Huggies when they're a bit bigger. I even wrote to huggies when Hannah was a tiny infant to complain! I got a lot of free coupons out of it--I used them when she was older! You'll be going through soooooo many diapers, that I'm sure that after a while, you won't even care if they're made out of tree bark!

Moni Graf said...

Those DeMaria quads are some beautiful babies! Such perfect little features....

I wish I would've bought a pink carseat for Danna like you did for Jaleigh. Maybe when we have to switch to the next size up!

It's awesome how close in weight the babies are. Our weights were like night and day. The biggest was 3 lbs 14 oz and smallest 1 lb 10 oz. They're still very different in size! I guess it's a good thing the only girl is the peanut.

Love from KS,

p.s. Pampers are definitely my preferred brand, too! And they sent some good coupons. Email me at nursemoni@gmail if you want me to send info on getting freebies for multiples.

Marci said...

Man, am I behind on the times! Our computer is in the shop... again! Corey brought his work computer home to my rescue, so now I'm catching up on blogs. I was going to suggest Pampers swaddlers, but I guess you've already heard of their greatness :) But, just to prepare you to the 4th power, there is a long period of an infant's life where you will just have to deal with blowouts. And it stinks! There's just something about the runny breastmilk poop, combined with the babies laying down most of the time. You'll just see this racing stripe of poop that escapes out the back while there is plenty of diaper that you wish was able to catch the runoff. Life is grand, isn't it?!? Good thing Heavenly Father made those little ones so darn cute that we are able to overlook the hard, dirty work and feel blessed to be overseeing the upbringing of such incredible individuals. Just you wait, you think you love them now... It just gets bigger and better. I'm so happy for all the great progress your family is enjoying. You seem to be handling all this stress in stride, keep it up! Love you tons!