Friday, October 31, 2008

News Flash

We are on TV- the babies are stars!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy Halloween and 3 Months!

We were interviewed by the newspaper yesterday in celebration that all the babies are home! Hooray! Today they are also 3 months old. Time flies when you are having fun!

As with most press releases there are some errors. Here are the corrections and here is the link to the article for those of you that are interested. At the end of the article it says that the Halloween costumes were donated by members of the church. The costumes were given to us by my mom/grandma and one of our NICU nurses Melissa. She is actually in one of the pictures in the news article. The second blinding error is that Mike NEVER said that Jaileigh can be a cheerleader. He is anti-cheerleader. I was a cheer coach in Las Vegas so I don't see anything wrong with that idea but Mike has a different opinion. Other than those small errors I think the article was well written.

Again we can't thank everyone enough for all the help we receive. We have members from our church, NICU nurses, and family all volunteering their time and energy to come help us out. Mike and I were talking about what we would be doing without all this help. We feel like we are running ragged right now, I can't imagine not having help. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! We are so grateful.

Here are some updates on the babies.

Each baby had to visit our pediatrician within 3-5 days from being released from the hospital. Each baby was healthy and happy and the dr. was happy. She was so sweet and gave me my flu shot right in her office. All babies received their 2 month vaccinations in the hospital and we will go back to the dr to get their 4 month shots. Each baby also received their 1st Synagis shot in the NICU and will go back monthly to our pediatrician to get their next ones. Synagis is a monthly injection designed to protect preemies during RSV season. It is given every 28-31 days. Not all of our babes are on the same schedule so we have to take them at different times. Jaileigh is going in for her 2nd shot on the 30th. Jakob and Michael will go in together the following week and Anthony after that.

Here are the most recent weights-

Anthony 7 lbs 3 ozs

Michael 6 lbs 8 ozs

Jakob 6 lbs 8 1/2 ozs

Jaileigh 5 lbs 6 ozs

All babies had to go visit the opthamologist. This is normal part of preemie life. The dr. checks for ROP- I know I have talked about this before. We went in last week for the 3 boys and there retinas are all developing. They are still immature but they are in the last stage of immaturity. NO ROP HOORAY!

Now for the fun part- PICTURES

Jakob sleeping sweetly. His hands were so cute I couldn't resist taking a picture.

Jakob and Michael in their somewhat matching outfits. People don't like it when I dress them alike because they get confused about who is who. The boys are really growing into their identicalness. At the beginning I was afraid they weren't going to look alike but now I know differently. The triplets are growing into each other slowly.

Jaileigh- here was another hands picture I couldn't resist. The NICU nurses painted her fingernails bright pink, solidifying her Princess status.

Michael trying to sleep and digest his HUGE meal. I don't let them sleep on their stomachs, so don't worry and please no hate mail. (That was a joke)

Our friend Buck came to visit and ended up on baby duty. His comment before he came out was " I'll help clean, cook, whatever but I don't hold babies" Ha Ha He's a pro now .
Sleeping on the job- I wonder where the 4th baby is?

Michael covering his nose. One drawback of being a preemie is the nasty gas. He is probably covering his nose from his own smells.

Michael and Jaileigh hanging out in the swing- Jaileigh does not like to sleep alone. She sleeps much better when someone is really close to her.

Jakob and Jaileigh in the swing (Ok I lied this is really Michael and Jaileigh again)

Jaileigh and Anthony

Michael and Jakob in their Halloween costumes with dad

Jaileigh in her costume with her bib still on. Pictures were right after feeding time and we didn't want any spills so they all had bibs on. (I wonder where the cubs bibs are?I think Mike burned them after they lost to the Dodgers.)

Mike with Little Mike and Big Jake Jakob
The family at Halloween. I guess Mike and I should have dressed up. (anyone recognize the shirt Mike has on- St. George Marathon)
Anthony- -throwing a fit, Jakob, Jaileigh- throwing a fit, and Michael
Somehow I got the two cranky babies- Anthony and Jaileigh

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Normal Day at the DeMaria's

12:30 am finish feedings for all feedings
1:30 Amber wake up and pump. get all drugs ready for the babies
2:00 change diapers, medicate babies, start feeding babies (done by Mike and Amber and any other guest in the house)
3:30 finish feeding and burping and holding so they don't reflux
4:30 Amber wake up and pump and get all drugs ready for the babies
5:00 babies start to cry, medicate babies, change diapers, feed babies
6:30 put all babies down and sleep
7:30 Amber wake up and pump. get all drugs ready for the babies. Mike wash bottles and get them ready.
8:00 medicate babies, change diapers, start feeding babies
9:30 finish feeding and burping and holding so they don't reflux
9:35 eat breakfast, do laundry, try to shower, wash bottles, Amber pump more milk, restock diapers and wipes
10:45 Amber pump, get meds ready, bath 1 or 2 babies if they aren't all awake
11:00-12:30 babies start to cry, medicate babies, change diapers, feed babies
1:00-2:00 we have options here- we can stare at each other, try to make some sense of conversation, celebrate because a primary nurse stopped by to help if this happens then Mike and I go nap.
1:45 Amber Pump, get drugs ready
2:00-3:30 feed, diaper, medicate, burp, soothe, walk with, sing to, etc. . . the babies
3:30-4:45 see above options during the 1-2 break
5:00 fussy/colic hours start and end around 10. so, in the next few hours we don't rest we just deal with babies.
feed, diaper, medicate, burp, soothe, walk with, sing to, etc. . . the babies

10:00 rest, usually stare at the t.v. with blank looks on our faces, guests do this as well.

10:45 Amber Pump, get drugs ready
11:00-12:30 feed, diaper, medicate, burp, soothe, walk with, sing to, etc. . . the babies

and then it all starts over . . . .

We have not included the clothing changes that occur because of projectile vomiting or the pee reflux that happens when the diaper is taken off and the nice cool air hits their bottoms, or the overflowing poopy diapers, or when we eat (when do we eat?). This list does not do our day justice. This list is the perfect ideal "Jon and Kate" list but as we all know, babies do not follow lists.

Oh and this does not include that we have two displaced spoiled dogs that Mike has to take care of because Amber does not want to deal with them any longer. I am trying to get rid of them but Mike is determined to keep them. HHMMMMMMMMM

We love our babies and our new lives and wouldn't change anything. They are such miracles. We thank Heavenly Father each day for them.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The closer . . . . . . Anthony Joseph. GAME OVER!

Anthony came home on Tuesday October 21. He was very happy to be home with his siblings and I think that they were happy to have him home. Mike and I are excited to not have to drive to the hospital every day to visit. I was coming home from the hospital at 2:00 am on Saturday night and got pulled over for "drunk driving". My mom and I explained to the officer that I was just extremely tired. It was time to end the driving.

It was a bittersweet homecoming. Anthony was the last to come home and the beginning of no more hospital visits. We are going to miss our new NICU family and really hope that they will keep in touch. We have met the most wonderful people and have felt that we are so blessed to have nurses that care so much. Many of them have already babysat and been over to help us. We truly were spoiled in the NICU by our nurses. All of our new friends have an open invitation to stop by any time. We love you! We love sleepless nights because it means all of our babies are home together. And yes, they are sleepless.

Anthony Jakob Michael and Jaileigh- size order
Anthony on his way home from the hospital

Jaileigh modeling her new outfit and quilt

Aunt Julie feeding Anthony

Jaileigh and her boppy with Anthony's rice bag on her belly

The sleepy wrap. The NICU gave us 2 of these cool things. You can hold 2 babies at a time and it doesn't hurt your back at all. This is Jakob and Michael.


Anthony and Jakob and Michael

Anthony and Jakob

Jakob making cute faces

Michael sleeping in the boppy

Friday, October 17, 2008

Jakob Thomas came home!

Jakob came home on Tuesday Oct 14. I am sure you can tell that our life is a little busier since I haven't updated yet. Anthony is expected to come home at the beginning of next week.

Jakob in his car seat with his new outfit, ready to go.
Michael and Jaileigh sharing the bouncy chair

Michael and Jaileigh swinging together

Big Mike, Little Mike and Jakob

Michael and Jakob in the boppy

Anthony still at the hospital

Jakob and Grandma Mitzi


The three amigos sleeping together

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Michael Huston is Home

Michael made it home tonight. We feel so blessed to have 2 of our babies home.

In his car seat ready to go

Jaileigh and Michael- together again

Anthony in his swing, feeling much better.

Post-op update

Jakob came out of his surgery at 8:00 pm last night and the doctors said it went perfectly. He woke up this morning and ate his full feed. He was starving! I was there last night when he came out and he looked really good. His hernia and the swelling was completely gone. The incision was made in the fold of his skin and they superglued it so he won't have a scar later.

Anthony is doing much better. He is off his oxygen and eating again. That vancomyocin is the best! The Pirate is Back!

Michael is packing his stuff and getting ready to move out of the NICU. We are scheduled to pick him up today after Jaileigh's eye appointment. He has a new outfit too but it isn't as nice as Jaileigh's. They don't really make cute boy preemie going home outfits. They were all really fruity looking.

Jaileigh is still running the house. I think that she is excited to have someone to sleep with. She keeps trying to sleep with us.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jaileigh Homecoming and Updates

Here are the long waited for pictures and the updates. I will do the updates first and then some pictures. What a crazy week we have had. It was so nice to have Jaileigh home and the craziness is not entirely caused by her.

Anthony Joseph

Anthony somehow caught an infection. He was put back on oxygen, had an IV started, and is on his 3rd antibiotic. The 3rd antibiotic seems to be working and he is perking back up. He doesn't have RSV or MRSA, thank goodness! Today he is finally feeling back to his old "piratey" self. He makes this really cute pirate noise all the time. When he was sick he didn't make it anymore.

Michael Huston

He is coming home today or tomorrow. We don't like to say the date of their homecoming out loud because then they try to misbehave so that they can stay with their siblings. He has many girlfriends at the NICU that are going to miss him. He is such a cuddle bug. He will come home on Reglan for his reflux.

Jakob Thomas

Jakob is doing really well. He is now the largest quad. He started out the smallest and quickly overtook everyone. He has reflux and is on Prevacid and Reglan. He has an inguinal hernia (in his groin) and is now big and old enough to get it fixed. He has been prepped for surgery and will be going in today or tomorrow. Please keep him in your prayers. It is very scary to have your little baby undergo surgery.

Jaileigh Addison

She is loving life at home. Her reflux seems to be getting better. Her apnea monitor hasn't gone off yet. She doesn't have sleep apnea, she has reflux apnea. She has reflux so bad that when she eats she will stop breathing. She is our SCARY eater! Before she was released she underwent a sleep and GI probe study. Her results came back abnormally high. The doctor had never seen a baby with reflux that bad. She is on Prevacid and Reglan to control the reflux.

2 months and RSV season

The babies received their 2 month immunizations except Anthony because he has been sick. They also received their 1st Synagis shot. This is the immunization for RSV. They have to get it monthly during RSV season - Oct- Apr.

We requested an itemized bill from the hospital and had quite a laugh at the cost of things. Here are a few costs.

Bed- Level IV $10,000/day Level III $8,000/day

Desitin/Butt Paste- $52.50

CorPak/OG Tube- $116.00 (this is their feeding tube)

Oxygen- $252.00/hr

Mylicon- $27.50 (we went downstairs to the pharmacy and paid $1.98/bottle)

Now for the pictures-

Jakob Thomas

Anthony Joseph- not feeling well

Michael Huston with his pumpkin hat on.

Jaileigh getting ready to go home

Daddy picked out her dress all by himself

and the booties

Uncle Joe came to visit and to go to the Cubs vs Dodgers game. Mike got to go with him and Jaileigh had her first babysitter. Melissa, one of her primary nurses, came to babysit so that I could go visit the boys while Mike was at the game.