Wednesday, July 27, 2011

End Of Summer Celebration

Summer is over for our Aunty Karen. She has to go back to work. We celebrated with her by going to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland.

Waiting in line for the tram. We shared seats with the lady in front of us in line. She had a 6 year old set of twins.

Jake in front of City Hall


Anthony found the snacks. Look at his grin!


Jaileigh and Jake having a conversation with me.

It must have been pretty important.

Watching the horses
Jake and Jaileigh

Annie cutie pie.

Anthony in his favorite spot with his fish in his mouth.

They all road the horses by themselves for the first time.
Jaileigh, Jake, and Michael

Jake and Anthony

This was Annie's first time riding all by herself.



Jaileigh got the pink horse that she wanted.

A little bit of fear showing once they started moving.

Mr Toads ride. This is the closest we came to riding that ride.
Jake, Anthony, Michael, Jaileigh, and Annie

Watching Dumbo's ride.I have to put Annie in the pouch so we can all ride the ride. If she is in a pouch on me she doesn't count as a rider and then I can take 2 other kids with me.

Jaileigh and Anthony rode with Karen.

Michael, Jakob and Annie rode with me.

Waiting for It's A Small World.
Jaileigh, Michael, Jake, and Anthony

Karen got to ride with Jake, Jaileigh and Anthony

I rode with Michael and Annie.

This is the first time Annie has paid attention. She loved it.

Jake and Jaileigh

We lasted from 10 am to 4 pm today. That is a long visit for us. Everyone but Jaileigh fell asleep. Karen rode the tram back to the car and then drove it over to pick us up in the 15 minute parking area. I pushed the strollers over with Jaileigh's "help". To ride the tram you have to take everyone out of the strollers and that is such a pain when they are sleeping. It's a pain when they aren't sleeping too.

Jaileigh sitting on the curb wanting me to come sit by her while we waited for Karen.

Thanks Karen! Happy working!

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