Sunday, July 3, 2011


Some of you may remember this post from a year ago when we went to Fisherman's Retreat. This is the same place. I just glance over the pictures from that last post and I can't believe how much all of the kids have grown. I can't believe Annie was sleeping in a laundry basket. The quads look so little too.

There is a really old park located at the resort. I think it's probably from my era. Everything is still metal and gets really hot in the sun. We went over one night when it had cooled off and let the kids play.

Jake, Michael, and Anthony with Annie tagging along. 


Anthony's turn

Next was Michael

Jaileigh Bailey

Annie even climbed up and Daddy helped her sit down. She went down all by herself. 

This slide was really high and steep. The stairs were a little rickety too. 


Our quad friends had some cool toys to play with.
Jake on the quad

Sweet McKenzie

Anthony taking his turn on the quad.

Michael loved the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse airplanes.

The Woodcock quads eating their dinner.

"Mommy, I think I'm hungry again." Annie

Annie trying to steal a bite.

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So cute- looks like you all had so much fun! It would be fun to get together with other quad families! I'm glad you can do that! :)