Saturday, July 2, 2011

Long Weekend=Camping Trip

Our RV is finally fixed! It has been in the shop since October. The story is long and not worth repeating so let's just say we are so happy to have it back. We were supposed to head back to Utah to camp for the long holiday weekend but we didn't get the RV back in time.  Since everyone had been sick the past week no one felt up to traveling either. We made reservations at a resort about 20 minutes away from our house. We spent the weekend hanging out with our Quad friends, the Woodcocks, and swimming at the pool.

Annie at the pool

Anthony running

Michael and Jake




I brought their floats from when they were little and they still liked them.
Michael and Anthony




Jake thinking about using Annie's float

Michael and Jaileigh

Trying to get a picture with our friends. My children were not wanting to participate at all. This picture has all 5 in it but they were not together.
Annie was standing in front of everyone, Jaileigh was standing by daddy, Anthony and Michael were actually sitting by the choo-choo, and Jake is in the front left of the photo sitting by me.

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