Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Birthday Party

On Saturday we went to Bill and Gina's to help them celebrate their daughter's birthday. The kids LOVE Bill and Gina. They think that Gina buys everything. Here's a conversation Jaileigh and I had today.

J- "Mommy you got more toilet paper."
Me- "Yes, Jaileigh I got more toilet paper."
J- "Gina buy it?"
Me- "No, Daddy bought it."
J- "No! Gina buy it."

Annie driving one of the boys new cars from Bill and Gina.

Gina helping Jake with the watering can.

The menfolk holding down the table.
Bill and Annie, Mike

I didn't bring swimsuits but that didn't stop Michael. By the end they all had jumped in. Good thing I had spare clothes in the car.

Jake and Anthony playing with all their new toys.

Anthony was being shy.

Bill dipping the kids in the icy cold water. I can't believe they liked it.

Thanks Bill and Gina for letting us invade. Happy Birthday Meghan!

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