Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Independence Day 2nd Half

For the 2nd half of Independence Day we went over to our friends house, the Fiore family. We celebrated Independence Day and Mandy's birthday. These are our friends with triplets plus an older sister. Our kids had a blast hanging out. Thanks for having us over!

Playing with new toys.

Jaileigh trying out the scooter,

Jake really liked the police car.

Anthony liked the fire truck

Jaileigh found TWO shopping carts to put TWO babies in. So exciting!

Jaileigh getting a chance to drive a car.

Annie in the police car.

Michael played with the fisher price playhouse most of the time we were there.

Jake discovered the sponges.

Annie at the water table

Going down the slide
Michael, Annie, and Jaileigh

Annie had so much fun in the pool. Some how I didn't bring her swimsuit or Anthony's and I only had 4 swim diapers. I don't think the RV got unpacked all the way.

My cute little Michael with one of the twins. At the party there was a set of twins, triplets, and quadruplets.

Jaileigh and Anthony playing with the sponges.



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