Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Poop Toy At Last!

Jaileigh was having a really hard time going poop in the potty. She was perfect with pee but wanted her diaper back on when she pooped. I would put her diaper on, she would run to the corner, poop, then come tell me to change her. I finally devised a plan. I told everyone that if they pooped in the potty they could have a BIG poop toy. We would go to the store and they could pick out a BIG toy. I also told Jaileigh NO MORE DIAPERS.

The plan worked for the boys immediately. That day they all pooped in the potty and Jaileigh did not. After Michael's shots I told them we were going to go buy their poop toys. We were getting in the car and Jaileigh said, "I no poop toy, I no poop." She was really sad. I asked her if she wanted to go home and try to poop. She said, "YES!" Went home, no poop. Next day, no poop. I took the boys to get their toys and was struggling with what to do with Jaileigh. I brought her to the store with the boys. I felt bad buying the boys a toy and not her one. The boys just happened to pick out the perfect toys. Beach sand toys and they came in bags. Perfect! I let Jaileigh pick her toy out but I wouldn't let her open it until she pooped.

Two days later she pooped.

We called everyone. Grandma, Grandpa, Rori, Daddy. No one answered so she called them all again and left messages. We were so excited. Now she is a pee and poop pro.

 Jaileigh with her poop toy.

I told Jaileigh to say cheese and Annie kept doing this. She really wanted her picture taken too.

"Look Mommy a watering can!" Her favorite part of the whole toy.

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