Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just For Fun

The kids love popcorn! Every once in awhile I'll make it and turn on a movie for them. They rarely watch the movie but they sure do eat the popcorn.
Anthony, Jaileigh, and Annie

Annie's favorite spot in the whole yard. The hole in the flower bed. It fills with water and she loves to stand in it.

Jakob filling the pool with water. Anthony supervising.

Look at those ABS of steel! The kid is a rock.

Annie telling me something

Anthony riding around in his skivvies

There's a smile from the muscle man.

Jaileigh and Michael cheesing it up. I put a bandaid over Michael's stitches to protect them from the water and the sun. He's the new Nelly with his bandaid on his face.

Michael playing with Annie. He's getting her with his alligator.

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