Saturday, July 23, 2011

Camping At Silent Valley

Friday afternoon we left our quiet little home and headed off into the San Jacinto Mountains.  I was rushed to pack. The kids knew that I was trying to do something and did everything they could to "help". I should have researched the campsite better and found out that it was full of dirt! Ha ha! I finally let them hang out in their swim suits or their underwear to preserve their clothes. Annie was the worst! If you look closely in all her pictures she is filthy! Even though we were dirty we had a really good time.

Mike picked up Chicago style pizza for dinner.

You might be able to tell how dirty Annie was from this picture. She looks like she has a black eye but its really dirt.

Jake making a funny face.

Annie loving her chair. She was so excited. As soon as Mike put it up she climbed right into it.

Anthony "ooooohing" over a squirrel.


Annie and Jake

Anthony loves his pizza. He is such a little Italian boy.

Michael's serious face. He cracked up into a smile right after I took this picture.

Annie playing in the windshield. Her new hidey spot.

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