Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The End of Silent Valley

Here are the last of the Silent Valley pictures. We were there Friday evening to Monday afternoon. It felt like a long time. The kids had so much fun. I think that they would have fun anywhere though.

Playing in the passenger seat. They fought over this seat.
Jaileigh, Annie and Anthony

Jaileigh and Anthony

Michael going potty on the froggy. Did I mention my kids are potty trained? Whoo hooo! I am so proud of them. I think this RV trip was the real test. At home I have 4 potties and in the RV I just had 2. The boys still wear diapers at night. Most of the time they wake up dry but every once in awhile they don't.

Jake getting ready for bed.

Jaileigh, Anthony, Daddy, and Annie

Breakfast time!
Anthony, Jake and Annie

Sweet Annie

There was a snack bar by the pool. We let the kids get ice cream a couple of times. Annie sharing with Jaileigh.

Sharing with Michael.

Finally, she gets a bite or a lick.

Climbing the fence. You can tell he picked his own shoes out. He must have been in a hurry.

Jake being a stinker. I was telling him "No" as I was taking the picture.

This dump truck is the favorite toy for the moment. The are constantly filling and dumping it.

Anthony taking a ride on the little dump truck.

Annie eating her crackers in the road.

Close up of how dirty this little girl was. She is by far my dirtiest kid.

Michael with his otter pop.

Michael trying to steal both dump trucks. Jake not too happy.

I brought punch ball balloons. They liked them better not blown up.


Jake and Jaileigh calling Grandma. This was something they did all weekend. Anthony was sad because they was only two phones and no one wanted to share.

Sucker time.

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