Sunday, July 31, 2011


My dads birthday is the day after Rori's birthday. The quads is July 29, Rori's is July 30, and my dads is July 31.

Grandpa Pops is the best dad and grandpa you could ever ask for. If anything needs fixed, made or built, he can do it! He is one of those guys that knows everything and can do everything. If I ever have a question Grandpa Pops is who I ask. I think he knows more than google too.

My kids love him. They think that he owns every tool, tractor and truck in the world. They tell everyone that we meet all about him too. It's fun watching and listening to them.

Grandpa Pops is a great big teddy bear. He has the softest and biggest heart, especially where his grandbabies are concerned. He loves all of them and has so much fun with them. We are so grateful for Grandpa Pops.

Love you Dad!

Grandpa Pops got a waffle cake for his Birthday Cake. They left our house in the morning on his birthday.

Blowing out his candles.

Grandma, Amber, Rori, and Grandpa Pops. Almost the whole fam-damily. Just missing our favorite brother, Andy.

Grandpa Pops teaching Anthony all about Diet Coke. (11 months old)

Grandpa Pops burping Jakob when he was 4 months old.

Grandpa and Jai-bird looking at the horses.

Grandpa Pops and Michael

Annie and Grandpa Christmas morning, having a heart to heart.

Love you Grandpa!

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