Sunday, August 2, 2009

Birthday Party Part I

This has taken me so long to post and it isn't because I haven't been trying. Something is wrong with something. I can only upload 2 or 3 pictures at a time. SO, I am doing 2 posts because we have a ton of pictures. This post is the people we love and owe our first year to! Mind you this is only the people we were able to capture in photo. Those of you that we didn't catch we know who you are and thank you too!

Night NICU Nurses. Toni/Anthony, Jessica/Michael, Karen/Jaileigh, and Melissa/Jakob
Have I mentioned that the nurses would come over and help me for MONTHS after the babies were home. They were and ARE amazing!

Jessica and Anthony- too cute

Tasha and Jaileigh communicating. Tasha was another primary NICU night nurse.

Dana and her mom Dorothy. Dana, Dana, Dana, she has done too much to list. We owe her a bunch! Her mom pretty much kept everyone in stitches at the party. Look at that sassy look she is giving the camera.

Grandma and Mikey - only picture I could find of grandma. She must have been dodging the photographer. : )

Anthony and Anthony. Anthony W. was one of my students when I still taught. He came to meet his namesake.
Nurse Karen and Michael

JEsSiCA and MiChAeL- Another of our Primary NICU nurses. We LOVE Jess! She was Jakob's primary nurse the day he was born. She still comes out to visit and play with us.

Nurse Toni and Michael- I talked Toni into becoming one of our primary nurses and I am soooo glad that I did. There have been many times that I have texted her since the babies have been home with silly questions. She also was the nurse that found Mikey's PDA. He was symptom free and she heard the murmur when she was during her accessment.

My wonderful fellow quad mom, Michelle. She has been so AWESOME! She has held my hand through the whole even, pregnancy, birth, and 1st year. Couldn't have survived without her! She flew out at least 6 times to help me on weekends and when Mike was away with work. She is such a super friend. We love her!!!! I can't say enough about her.

Megha holding Anthony and Karen on the far right. These two have been at my house constantly. If I am in a bind I can text one of them and they come running. Mike and I will be forever indebted to them! We have promised them our next firstborn children. HAHA.
The girls are former students that came out to meet the babies and to help set up the party. Thank you!

Megha and her "baby"

Our roomies from the NICU- The Fiore Trips- Aiden, Audrina, and Andrew. We met the Fiore Family in the NICU and we have stayed friends. They will soon be celebrating their 1st birthday Sept 17!
Amber and Audrina, one of the triplets. Look at all her hair!

Big Mike/Daddy and little Jaileigh-bug
Nurse Tabitha holding Michael and Jakey, Nurse Lindy with Anthony and Jaileigh

Momma Fiore and her baby trips with the help of the Dunkley sisters

Kari, Cathye, and Jade. Kari and Cathye are 2 of our wonderful helpers. We wouldn't have survived the 1st year without them! Jade is Cathye's granddaughter. Cathye is the Quad Squad Lady that scheduled all the volunteers for us. She is amazing!

By the end of the afternoon the babies were beat! They lost their clothes after the cake eating. Karen ran home and got them another outfit but we didn't get any pictures after that.

Anthony and his NICU nurse, Lindy. Lindy saved this little boys life and we will be forever grateful to her. We were so blessed to have her as Anthony's primary nurse. He was so sick. She still has the touch with him.

Jaileigh and Wendy, a friend from Crestline. She traveled A LONG way to visit! Thank you!

Michael fighting the zzzzzzzzzzz's

Jakob with Nurse Tabitha. Her boyfriend is really Mikey (sssshhhhh don't tell her hubby)

After the party we thought the babies would come home and sleep. Boy were we wrong. They were so overstimulated that they couldn't settle down. Here is their 2nd birthday outfit in honor of the Cubs being in 1st place in their division (for a minute: ) )

The presents that they babies got, even though we said NO presents. These kids are pretty spoiled! The LOVED opening them. Thank you to all!


Anonymous said...

So beautiful! As an extended family we are so grateful to all of Amber and Mikes helpers. What a gift to everyone they have been. The little ones have come so far and have loved everyone that has had a hand in their care. Thank you Amber and Mike for your impressive example of your caretaking of the babies. You are AMAZING!!!
Grama, Granpa and Rori

Kimberly & Alex said...

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

sharon said...

I'm so sad I missed out on all the action! I really wish I could have been there! Looks like you guys had such a blast! I'm so jealous of all the other nurses who got to play with the babies! =( And it's too bad we didn't have enough AM shift primary nurses to represent! haha. Anyways, it's so good to see that the babies are healthy & strong! Amber &'s amazing how time flies! A year ago, Mike was bringing us panera, dots, starbucks! How I miss those days. hahah. Amber! Hopefully one of these days, Jess and I will get our butts out there and give you a break...if we survive...haha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABIES! Nurse LEE-LEE will always love you!

Jen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You've got Big Kids now!:):) What a beautiful family and support system you have! Praise God!

Cochran Quads said...

Awesome!! Love all the pics!!!

Stephanie said...

Love all the pics!! Look they enjoyed their party! How wonderful that everybody was able to come!!