Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fun Times At Our House

Just some fun pictures I thought I would post. Happy Wednesday! It's Hump Day! Hooray!

Anthony showing off his mad skills. He can squeeze in between the high chairs and then he can get out. Side walking takes talent!

Michael climbed in this basket all by himself and sat down. Jaileigh saw him in it and decided that she wanted to sit in it too so she crawled in as well. She plopped down on his lap. It was too funny!

Jaileigh has turned into our little climber. I found her climbing the book basket the other day. If I leave diaper boxes out she climbs those too. She is my most fearful baby yet she climbs?!
"Is there something on me?" Look at Jakes eyebrows! They are so expressive of how he is feeling. The feather must have been tickling him.

Bath time- Can you tell the kids love their bath. In fact they cry when they have to get out.


Karmann and Ryan said...

Such cute babies and really starting to show their own personalities! Love it! Miss them and you!!! Glad that they are doing so well and continuing to progress upward! Will definitly keep your friends in our prayers!

Vince said...

WOW!..... They are soo cute babies.
Thanks for sharing...

Are you scared to be alone at home need security