Monday, August 17, 2009

In Our Own Little World and Weights

Here are the weights from the babies 1 year doctor visit.

Anthony "Speedy" DeMaria 17.3 lbs
Michael "Charlie Brown" 19 lbs
Jaileigh "Princess" DeMaria 15 lbs
Jakob "Flirt" DeMaria 17.6 lbs

Our babies are so cute (I think they are the absolute cutest babies ever but I am probably a little prejudiced). They play together now and are the best of friends. Where one goes they all go. Here they are having a quad-only moment on their magic carpet.

Mikey, Jaileigh, Jakob and Anthony

Jaileighs blowing kisses to her daddy

There he is.

Daddy's scrubbing the sidewalk and cleaning out the pool.

Jake REALLY wants to help. "Pick me, pick me daddy!"


nennermommy said...

They are so cute:) I so want to see them...hopefully soon?

Lani said...

They are just precious:) Minde love to watch daddy work outside too!

Moni Graf said...

They ARE pretty darn close to being the cutest kiddos ever.....close! But of course, I'm a little biased, too.

Can't believe they're a year old already and mine are nearing the 2 year mark. Blows my mind everytime I think about it.


Vince said...

WOW!... They are pretty cute.
I so want to see them...hopefully soon?

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