Tuesday, August 11, 2009

and we have another one

Michael is now walking and Jake is taking 1 step. Miss Jaileigh bug is taking her own sweet time so that she can steal the show. She likes to watch her brothers do things then she copies them.

We had 3 doctor appointments last week. The GI Dr. (reflux), the pediatrician, and the high risk infant follow up clinic. At the GI doctor we were released from his care unless our pediatrician is concerned about their weight gain and then she can refer us back. Michael is still on Zantac for reflux but that isn't a big concern at this time and can be taken care of by the pediatrician. Hooray! No more GI doctor, although I do love him, I wish he was our pediatrician.

Our second appointment was to the pediatrician because the babies all had runny noses. No fevers and little coughs. I went in thinking that we would NOT get immunizations because they were sick and I was wrong. I was so mad! Shots=2 weeks of cranky babies that don't sleep! She said the babies were fine and they didn't have any infection so she wanted to give them 1/2 of their shots. aarrggghh. We left with 3 to 4 shots per baby, 1 finger prick per baby, 1 inhaler (just in case), 1 prescription for cough medicine, and 2 hours lost from waiting. The babies iron levels are normal this time HOORAY! Last time they were really anemic.

Both doctors want us to start weaning to whole milk and to add 1 bottle of pediasure a day. The babies don't eat baby food anymore. They think they are waaaayyyy to mature for that. They like to feed themselves. So we are to continue feeding them yummy healthy foods.

At the High Risk Infant Follow Up Clinic the babies were evaluated by a Physical Therapist, Dietician, and a neonatalogist, they were weighed, measured, and examined. Last time we were there our appointment lasted 6 hours. This time we were in and out in 2. They were ready for us. They had 2 neonatologists and 2 resident physicians to help give the babies their physicals. They passed all of their tests with flying colors. They are well above their adjusted age (9months) and actually are at the chronological age (1year) for everything but size.



Michael and his toothbrush

Daddy and Jaileigh

Playtime and the DeMarias consists of plenty of floortime. In the air we have Jakob and Michael. On our bellies we have Anthony and Jaileigh.

Jakey is showing his pearly whites/gums

and some more floortime


Sara Ann said...

They are so cute:) Wow, I can't imagine them all running around! Good luck with that!

Jen said...

Congrats!! I am so jealous. We only have one walking and they are almost 15 months old.

Cochran Quads said...

So so sweet!!!! Hooray on the evals!!! Good luck with the milk weaning, keep me posted on that, we get to start that next month!

Stephanie said...

Amber- I just love the picture of you with babies crawling all over. You are like a mother cat. What a year you have had. After only doing one preemie the last four months I still hold you in awe.

sharon said...

OMG, they're wearing their ED HARDY onesies! Yay! They look SO CUTE in them! Rockin' babies! HAHAHAH!