Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Prayers Needed for Sextuplets

The Stansel Family delivered their sextuplets on Aug 4 just a day short of 23 weeks. Two of their precious babies passed away and the other four are fighting hard to win the battle. The Stansel family could use your prayers right now. Their little Braden is fighting an infection and Ashlyn, Rachel and Haley are fighting hard. These little miracle babies could use some extra prayers, as could their exhausted parents. You can follow them at the link below.


Hayley said...

Amber, I had just seen the link to this through Michelle's blog. They will be in my prayers. I'll have to contact my brother but I think they are in their stake. And I'll be out there next month. Anyhow my prayers are with them.

Vince said...

WOW!.... Its wonderful... That will be in my prayers.
Thanks for posting...
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