Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Birthday Party Part II

. . . . and everyones favorite, CAKE pictures.

Waiting for the cake and snacking on watermelon. We decided to fore go the cute bibs that matched the decorations because I was too lazy to tie them on.

The CAKE, Yummy chocolate cake with butter cream frosting and vanilla pudding filling. We asked the stores if they would donate the little individual cakes for the babies, trying to get some quad perks here, but NO they were all too tight. Since octomom or maybe J&K businesses are really reluctant to give multiples discounts anymore.
Happy 1st Birthday Cupcakes- thank you Nurse Lee-Lee!
Sweet Tooth Cupcakes

NICU nurses - Jessica, Melissa, Karen, and Toni
The Keller Family and the DeMaria family. Keller quads just turned 7 on July 3. When I was younger I used to go in and help Michelle and Jeff with their quads. I was cursed/blessed with the quad curse and had a set of my own 7 years later.

Jeff, Michelle, Mason, Carson, Jaxon, and Amanda


Anthony and Dana- what a cute picture!



Jakob- deep in thought. He had a rough day. I had to hold him for most of the party or he cried. Did I mention that my kids came down with a cold the day before their birthday? Their FIRST sickness in their life! One year without being sick is pretty darn good! especially for quads!

The babies and their cakes. It took them a minute to figure out that they could eat it. Michael is checking out Anthony's cake first to make sure it isn't bigger than his!

"What is this?" Anthony

Double fisting the frosting- Anthony

"Mom, I think I am this is tooooo much sugar I feel myself slipping into a coma" Anthony

"Are you sure I get the whole thing?" M

"I can't seem to fit my whole hand in my mouth" M


Jakob attacking the candle.

Jake enjoying


"I'm DONE, get my out of here!" Jakey

Jaileigh eyeing her cake


Jaileigh is "taking the cake"

Clean Up Time



Allie Hays said...

Hi Amber, Mike and the beautiful birthday babies!
I am beyond sad that I wasnt able to share in the birthday party fun! It looks like you had a great time (not to mention whomever you were able to get to take photos did a great job!) so thank you for sharing them with all of us! I love love love all the polka dots... I guess the invite did pretty well! Anyway, keep in touch and let me know if I can help you out in anyway!
Hugs ~ Allie Hays

Reed and Chelle Eckman said...

What fun! I love the first birthday and seeing the reaction of babies with their first sugar rush! I'm glad that they had such a good birthday.

Sara Ann said...

How Cute! It looks like it was lots of fun:)

Stephanie said...

Wow..thats alot of cake! They looked so adorable "double fisting" it! lol

Kimberly & Alex said...

Happy Birthday!
the cake pics are so adorable.

Mary Jane said...

Hi Amber, this is Mary Jane, What a cute blog and your babies are just adorable. Please add me to your blog mjmangum.blogspot.com I would love to be able to keep up with what is going on with your little ones.

Amber said...

MaryJane and Chelle- I'm so glad you found us! I have added both of you to our blog roll. Now we can keep in touch.

Love, Amber

sharon said...

aw, i'm still so jealous i couldn't be there! i hope you enjoyed the cupcakes! =) next time, i'll bring some over (red velvet for you amber!)