Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Ball Pit

For the babies birthday we bought them the Eezy Peezy Ball Pit and Play Area. Since the house we live in is so SMALL we don't have room to put it up so someone suggested we put the balls in the play pen. That is just what we did. The babies had a "ball"! I think they are a little too young to totally enjoy the balls but it was something different and interesting for them.

Anthony and Jaileigh




A special "Good Morning" to the ladies at Grandpa Tom's work. This post is just for you!


Jen said...

Too cute. Our little ones love their ball pit too! :):):):)

Ivianakia said...

They are so adorable, aww. I wanna play too.

Vince said...

WOW!..., Its so wonderful!
I wanna play too.
Thanks for sharing...

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