Saturday, July 31, 2010

Birthday Celebration Part 2- Party 1

The day of the quaddies birthday we had a little birthday celebration at our house. Mike was out of town for the week so he wasn't able to be there. We served tacos, watermelon, and ice cream cake.

A few of us chatting before the party started.
Rori, Dana, Mitzi, Amber, and Megha

Gina playing with the kids and their favorite new toy- a box! Anthony is showing off a memory game.

Michael and the box

Jaileigh in the box

Eating our tacos. Jakobs face is so funny.

2 birthday cakes! Yummo!

Karen, Meggles, and Rori- kindred spirits

Sunny and Jaileigh. Bill in the bottom of the picture

Karen playing with Jakob

Happy Birthday!
Karen/Anthony, Jakob/Gina, Michael/Emily, and Jaileigh/Sunny

Sunny and Jaileigh again

Anthony and Karen- fellow Italians

Jakob with Bill and Gina

Michael eating his cake

Annie slept through the whole party

Jakob eating his cake

Michael, Jakob, Sunny, and Jaileigh- Sunny is cutting their cake

Karen helping Anthony eat his cake

Bill helping out

Megha and Rori hiding in the kitchen.

Jake eating cake

Jaileigh and her cake

Opening presents. Jaileigh modeling her new dress and Anthony in his new PJ's

Michael, Anthony, and Jakob playing with their new toolkit

Rori trying to get a good picture with Michael

Michael telling Dorothy goodbye

Jaileigh and Megha

Family and Friends in Attendance

Grandma Mitzi
Aunty Rori
Mom (Amber) and Anndalyn
Dana and Dorothy Gyger
Bill and Gina Miller
Karen Rosa
Megha Kapadia
Sunny and Emily

Thank you everyone for making it a special day!
A huge thank you to Kari for traveling to LA to pick up Sunny so she could make it to the party!

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