Friday, July 30, 2010

Birthday Celebration Part 1

Birthday morning opening presents from Mommy and Daddy
(if you noticed the diapers are on backwards, it's because they remove them if they are on frontwards)

Michael with his dinosaur friend(a pillow with a sleeping bag inside)

Jakey opening his present

Anthony with his new book, Michael and Jakey opening the other presents

Opening remote control cars from Auntie Rori... Watch out mom!

Jaileigh examining her first barbie

Who needs presents when you have wrapping paper?

Anthony going to town

Sweet fashionable Jaileigh playing with her brothers cars

Jaileigh showing off her new birthday tutu

Jakey's so excited! That purple is a hair band he found.

A rare picture of Grandma Mitzi with Miss Anndalyn

Annie relaxing while Grandma talks to her

Michael the family drummer

Michael shakin' out his sillies

Anthony thinking about drumming

Anthony going crazy on the drum

Michael with more musical instruments

Jakey and his wild hair do and the busy bee maraca clacker

Daddy, Auntie Rori did NOT put a pony tail in my hair...

Being inside the drum is more fun than playing it

Jakey opening his car

Once they opened up the cars and the barbie they didn't care about presents anymore. Those were the hit gifts of the day. Thanks Auntie Rori!

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