Saturday, June 25, 2011

Going Home

I woke up Tuesday (6/21) morning sicker than a dog. I think that I ate something with onions in it the day before. I am allergic to onions so this is was no bueno. On top of that, Jaileigh woke up covered in hives. My mom got Jaileigh in to see her doctor. We were planning on going home today at nap time. Our friend Karen was meeting us in Vegas to help me drive back to California. The day was not starting off well. On top of all the sicknesses, I still hadn't packed. Anyway, I ran Jaileigh in to the doctor. She was having an allergic reaction to something. He told me to give her benadryl and to take her in to her pediatrician if she wasn't getting better in 2 days. I was feeling better so I decided to continue on with our journey home.

I packed with the help of Rori and my mom, threw everyone in their carseats and my mom drove us to Vegas. We went to my friends house and hung out all afternoon. She let the kids swim, entertained them, and fed us before sending us on our way. Thank you so much to the Kristen and Glenna! You saved our day. Thanks to my mom for getting us to Vegas and my dad for coming and picking her up. It takes a village to get us taken care of.

I did a poor job of taking pictures. I didn't get any of Kristen or Glenna or the swimming. I did get the otter pop pictures though.
Jake, Anthony and Michael




Jaileigh. You can see some of her hives. 


We made it home Tuesday night by 10. Karen slept over and the next day her brother picked her up. Thank you so much Karen!

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