Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Monkey Mountain

On Monday we met our friends from pre-children days, at Monkey Mountain. Click on the link to see how cool this place is. Lara, Jaxson, and Bella were sweet enough to come hang out with us for the afternoon.

Anthony is riding the gorilla. The animals were really soft and made the animals noise. Socks are a requirement to play here.

All the big kids had fun too.

Annie Bananie

A small view of the huge structure and slide.

Annie petting the alligator. I tell you, this girl has no fear.


Jaileigh and Michael

Jaileigh, Michael, and Rori

Coming out of the slide. Anthony and Daddy

Annie had just as much fun as everybody else.

Jaxson, Bella, and Jakob

No she wasn't pooping in the corner. Just playing.

Going down the slide. It was so FAST! Everytime I went down it I squealed like a little girl. At the end I always went flying out the bottom and fell 10 ft from the slide. It was crazy fun~

Anthony with Daddy

When I lived in Salt Lake, Lara and I were neighbors and quickly became good friends. 
Lara and her baby girl, Bella

Michael was the first to go down the slide alone. 

Jaxson and Jaileigh. 
Jaxson went up and down the slide a million times for the kids. They all wanted to ride with him. He was so cute with the kids. They all just loved him to pieces. 

Playing on the tree slide.
Anthony, Jaxson, Jaileigh, Jake

The boys reading magazines in the parent zone.
Jake, Anthony, Jaxson, and Michael

Rori and I went shopping after the Monkey Mountain. The boys and Annie napped so we took Jaileigh. She had so much fun!

but when naps aren't had, someone pays for it in the end.
She is really into band aides.

Rori did everyones hair. They each have about 10 pigtails all over their heads. 

Happy Monday! It was so fun to see Lara and her kids!

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