Thursday, June 2, 2011

Well Baby Visit

On the 31st Annie had her well baby visit with Dr. Ambrose. We drove back to Rancho Cucamonga and Kari met us at the doctors office. The whole drive the kids kept saying "Dr Ambrose, see Annie, Dr Ambrose!?" They love him. He always gives them kisses and gummy bears. I can't believe I don't have a picture with him yet. Next time!

Annie's stats

Weight- 24 lbs   95% (improvement! Last time she was in the 100% and up. Our chunky girl is thinning out.)
Height- 30 1/2 in      95% (Hey, she's proportional!)
Head Circumference- 18 1/2 in

She received her chicken pox vaccine, Hep A, and had a T.B. test. She didn't cry for any of the shots. She is one tough kid!

As of now, she is still breastfeeding. I have tried her on cow's milk a couple of times and she spits it up. Dr. Ambrose said to try some other alternatives but not soy milk. Apparently, it causes breast tissue to form.

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Ayyob Family said...

We go to Dr. Ambrose he is amazing! My twins just love him....