Thursday, June 23, 2011

After The Wedding Luncheon

After the wedding luncheon we headed over to Julie's house to change our clothes and to say some good-byes.  
The kids found their favorite toy, the cooler.

Then they found the really big cooler.

I let the water out of it so they had even more fun.

Annie found a little baby cooler, just her size.

I love the looks on all our faces. Jake is trying to persuade me to do something I'm sure. Mark is watching to see what will unfold, and I'm madly trying to think of something to distract Jake from whatever he is wanting.

Julie made it home and what a greeting she is getting. 
Jake, Michael, and Anthony

Grandma and Grandpa too!

"Grandma, let us out! We promise not to run in different directions!"

Michael is so excited, look at his face.

Grandma let Jake wear her shoes.

Grandpa Pops made it back with a yummy cake!

An early Happy Father's Day cake. 
Showing the cake to the kids.

Yum! Beau Brummel's chocolate rum cake. Delicious!

Annie drinking Grandma's water.

Michael and Daddy

Annie finding it humorous to crawl under the table.

Grandma and Grandpa Pops enjoying their grandbabies.

Annie, Jaileigh, and Anthony in Julie's spotless garage. 

Drinking big boy drinks.
Anthony and Jake

Another BBQ. Chicken, hot dogs, and burgers.
Mark cheffing it up.

Annie found a stash of money under the chair.

Uncle Davey!

There goes Jake.

I think they recognize kindred spirits.

Brothers- Dave and Greg

Jaileigh wanted to be friends too.

Annie adoring someone.

Fixing Michael's owie. Good thing Grandpa Pops had his first aid supplies.

I wasn't lucky enough to get to watch this but from what I heard my foursome ganged up on poor uncle Greg. I'm not even sure I want to know the whole story. I do know that there was some ice throwing involved. Sorry Greg!

Putting ice down each others diapers.

Lisa and I chatting over her burger.

The two oldest brothers. 
Dave and Tom

Julie rinsing off the gatoraide that someone spilled. 

Annie found a new place to hang out.

Grandma showing off her birthday gift to Jack.

Someone is tired!

Two other someones were tired too. Parents of the groom, Jack and Lisa.

After the BBQ we headed back to St. George. We arrived at my parents house about 11:00 pm. The kids slept the whole way. I was exhausted and don't know how Mike stayed awake to drive us. It took us 4 hours. We didn't dare stop for fear the kids would wake up. Our wonderful journey and vacation is slowing coming to an end. Happy Anniversary Honey!

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