Friday, June 17, 2011

Stokes Family BBQ

My cousin is getting married on Saturday so they whole Stokes family was in town for the whole shin-dig. My Grandma and Aunt Julie put together a BBQ for the family Thursday afternoon. My maiden name is Stokes so this was all of my dads family. It was so nice to see all my relatives that I haven't seen in years. Also, my kids were able to meet family that they had never seen before.

My dad, Grandpa Pops,  with his grandbabies. I think they were bringing him a "hot drink" (soda).
Anthony and Jaileigh

Michael with his bouncy ball.

Jaileigh Bayley eating her crackers.

My cousin, Justin, his wife Lanette, and my Grandpa Dan.

My beautiful sister Rori Leigh

Uncle Greg bonding with Anndalyn. Grandma with Jaileigh, Julie, and Jake.
My mom has a sister Julie and so does my dad. This one is my dads sister.

The coolest toy was the ice chest. The kids loved playing with this. They opened and closed, opened and closed, over and over and over. Everyone got drinks whether they wanted them or not. 
Anthony and Michael

Annie and Michael with their spoils from the ice chest.

Jaileigh with her collection.

Jake wanting to go in the house. 

Uncle Dave pulling up on his bike. The kids and adults all thought this was really cool.

My beautiful and ever youthful Aunt Julie. We love her!

Ahhhhhhh! Mom and Rori (Mitzi Lee and Rori Leigh who JaiLEIGH is named after)

The 3 of the 4 Stokes Brothers with their Mamma. 
Greg, Grandma Kolleen, Dave, and Tom (Dad)

Justin, Greg, Grandma, Dave, Tom, Mike, Grandpa Dan, Mark, Rori with Justin's little girl, Kelly.

Michael guarding his wares.

The greatest BBQer ever- Greg

The herd on the prowl.
Anthony, Jaileigh, Michael, and Jakob

Michael threw his ball on the roof. I was inside the house nursing Annie and all 4 of the quad squad came in and told me. They made me go outside to tell Grandpa to get it with the ladder, NOW! They are so bossy and stubborn. Good thing they had Grandpa to save the day.

The engaged couple, Matt and Cheyenne. Matt is my cousin.

"Don't mess with me!!!"

Purple was the color of the evening. 
Jessica (cousin, Matts sister) and Rori with Annie (all in purple).

Raiding the food table. They loved the olives and the cherries, oh and the chips.

Feeding Grandpa Pops carrots. 

Grandpa Pops, Anthony, Julie, Daddy, Rori

The 4th Stokes brother, Jack and Greg

Grandpa Dan and Grandma Kolleen enjoying the family.

Uncle Dave. This guy holds a special place in my heart. I had a crazy boyfriend once and Davey came over to my apartment (an hour drive away) to protect me one night. Then another time he and my dad moved me and all my junk to another apartment. He has the biggest and kindest heart. If you ever need anything, Dave will be there.

Michael put Jaileigh's shorts on his head and ran around. He is also wearing my jacket. 

Julie playing with Annie

Annie saw the dessert, cupcakes.


Lining up for cupcakes.

Jake willing to share his cupcake.

Grandma giving kisses to her grandbaby Annie

Anthony licking the last crumb

Grandma Kolleen wanted family pictures so we took some of each of the families.

Dave and his son Justin, Lanette, and Kelly

My Dad with Michael and Anthony, Grandma, Rori and Jaileigh, Amber with Annie, and Mike with an unhappy-to-be-tied-down Jake (missing my brother Andy and his family).

My Uncle Jack, his wife Lisa, Katie, Jessica, Matt, Cheyenne, and Thomas

The whole group.

After pictures Jake snuck over to the dessert table. He found Grandma's homemade brownies.

"Here, want some. "

The boys- Mark, Dave, Greg, Tom, Jack
Anthony didn't want to leave Grandpa Pops

Mark, Dave, Greg, Tom, and Jack

and the sister joins the crew- Julie

The proud mamma

Grandpa Dan, Grandma Kolleen- What a good looking crew!

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