Friday, June 24, 2011

The City Pool

When I turned 15 I became a lifeguard at the local City Pool. I went on to be a Swim Instructor. I worked in pools for the next 13 years. When we moved to California I finally gave it up. While we were in St. George I talked my sister into going to the old City Pool with me. It was fun to see that it was just the same.

Rori helping Jaileigh with her sun glasses. 
Annie loves to climb out, turn around and jump right back in. She is such a dare devil.
Jake sporting Rori's glasses.
The girls. Rori, Annie, and Jaileigh.

Warming up in the sun.
Jaileigh, Jakob, Anthony, and Annie 
(Michael stayed home with Grandma)

Annie, Anthony, Jake, and Jaileigh

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