Monday, June 13, 2011

Park City- Here We Come

Saturday morning, after the menfolk went skeet shooting, we loaded up the car and headed to Park City. Mike arrived late Friday night so he could drive up with us. Rori also drove with us. The drive was uneventful except for the one speeding ticket I received. The officer saw California plates and gave no mercy. Once in Park City, we settled right in. We ordered pizza and went swimming. The pool was freezing and not fun but the pizza was delicious.

Annie enjoying her slice.

So sweet.

Rori, Jaileigh, and Jake with Frank the Bear

Very entertaining.
Michael and the bear



Anthony in time out.
Michael and Annie laughing.

Hanging out on the stair and enjoying the conversation.
Anthony, Annie, and Michael
After Park Silly we went to visit my Aunt Julie, Aunt Brenda, and Grandma Shirley. Julie just happens to have two horses. This just made the kids day.

Jaileigh, Anthony, and Daddy with Spirit.
Trying to pop Julie's balloons. 

Aunt Brenda playing with Jaileigh.
More popping efforts.

Thank goodness for Julie's toy bucket.
Michael and Annie
Brenda and Anthony waiting for the horse, Whiskey.
Anthony was the first to be the bravest and "wide" the horse.

He was so excited.

Julie with Spirit and Michael watching.
Anthony and Jaileigh both got to hold a horse.

Annie and Julie

Jake with Daddy

Jake on Whiskey
Michael petting Spirit
Jake and Michael
Julie collecting rocks for the kids to throw in the creek.
Julie passing out rocks. 

Anthony and Michael playing by the ditch (without water in it).
Jake and Michael. Sometimes I wonder what they talk about.

Petting the dogs. You can see that Annie doesn't have any fear. Anthony is a little timid but he warms up quickly.

Annie reaching her hand through the fence to pet the dogs. 

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